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    So What Do You Use as a Home Defense Weapon?

    I keep a 38 under my mattress. M&P 15 in the closet with loaded mags next to it. For a time I had the LCP sitting on my desk in my room. I reached for it once this Summer when I heard someone moving around outside about 3am. I step out the side door and yell “who’s out here!?”. I see some...
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    Shipping Shaving gear around the world

    No idea if any of these shops are still in business but might be worth a look:
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    Power tools.

    Torx? I was turned on to the Torx head a couple years ago. May I never use anything else! I really like the Spax brand.
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    Power tools.

    I went a bit nuts when we moved in to the new house. Never had anything but a few janky mismatched tools. I’m pretty sure the first couple months I single handedly hit Lowes monthly sales goals. I was buying new tools weekly. Drills, saws, screwdriver sets, wrench sets, electrical stuff...
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    The most beautiful thing I have ever bought

    Folks that don’t post photos must all be fishermen. Ya know….they can tell you a story about how awesome their catch was without ever providing proof.
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    INFO! Tapatalk

    I guess I’ll be “that guy”. See my quoted post. I used tapa for a long time. My opinion is just the opposite of your opinion and experience. It’s in no way shape or form better for me. Everyone’s user experience is different though. I can see how Tapa could be useful if you are following several...
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    Rudy Vey Member Interview

    Fantastic interview. Fantastic member. Fantastic vendor. Find his B&B forum here - Find his website here -
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    INFO! Tapatalk

    I gave up using Tapatalk when B&B moved to Xenforo. The mobile site operates 99% like the desktop site. I was using Tapatalk to receive alerts as well. But I found I was opening B&B several times a day regardless of alerts. And there is nothing here that requires my instant attention when an...
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    Billski Member Interview

    I never could get the hang of ice skating or roller skating. Any skating actually. thanks for sharing Billski!
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    Anyone use a cordless electric lawn mower?

    That’s next on my list
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    Rechargeable batteries

    Panasonic Eneloop.
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    Foolproof Lather Method (TM)- Part 2, Graduate Class

    I’ve seen this in Gif form and in video form and every from is great.
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    Design Your Own Pen

    I agree with Bill. That’s a tall order. I’ll just stick with the ready to buy pens. Gel. .07 perhaps. My Pilot VP hasn’t seen ink in several months.
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