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Recent content by TomSH27

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    The Fatip Testina Gentile is a DE89 Killer!

    I can only agree with this review, I’ve used straights and DE’s since 2014, and my TG is beyond doubt the best DE I’ve owned. I’ve tried both EJ and Muhle 89’s, the Merkur slant, Parker 96, and my Fatip (v2), is just so much more enjoyable to work with than any of them. My daily shave also...
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    Shall I buy naniwa 12k water stone for straight razor maintenance?

    There is no definitive answer here, as there are too many variables: your beard, how you prep, shave and strop etc. I have been shaving with only straights since Autumn 2016, I have explored numerous razors and stones, and possess the following: Razors. Portland Hydra ( 2017) 6/8 1850-1880...
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