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    custom etching?

    Jan @ Tus Technologies can make your stencil happen. I personally use a Personalizer Plus, but not sure how much $$ you are wanting to spend, or if its a one off.... Tom
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    How are you guys making them last?

    Since I shave my head and face, I count each shave as 2.... I have found the Rapira's to work best for me and they get tossed after each shave. Tom
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    Orange Dovo

    VERY NICE!! Love the color combination!! Lex, you can get it in smaller pieces and thicknesses from most knifemaker supplies. I personally get mine from Alpha Knife Supply or Sheffield Supply. Tom
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    Greaseless Compunds

    They key is keeping it moist, but not wet... I store mine in a zip lock bag with a damp paper towel over the cut open end of the tube of compound. I also refrigerate it... using this method I can usually use it up before it goes bad. Tom
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    Bocote for Scales

    I think the way you cut it looks FANTASTIC! Lots of contrast. I personally wouldn't try and remove the oil from the wood... wet sand to 800 with baby oil and then buff with a clean cotton cloth and I think you will be very happy with the results. Tom
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    Swiss Army Knives?

    Tony, thats the Soldier and its a fantastic little knife. The Alox handled knives are my favorite. I actually gave one of these to my dad as he was always breaking the blades of his Buck stockmen trying to use the blades as screwdrivers. After I gave him a Soldier he never had another broken...
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    Superglue for emergency wound care

    I also use it all the time in my shop. Some times I will grind through the top layer of skin and will start to ooze a little.... super glue a layer of paper towel down and I'm ready to go! Don't put it down into the cut. Push the cut together and glue the skin. You don't want super glue...
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    Swiss Army Knives?

    Swiss Army Knives are NOT TOYS! Instead they are some of the best bang for the buck in the knife industry! I'm a custom knifemaker and simply have 100's of knives... on a daily basis I carry 2 SAK's!! I carry a Hercules on my belt and a mini Champ in my pocket. The Farmer and Pioneer are...
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    Butter smuggling in Nordic countries

    Pretty crazy... but totally understandable! Who doesn't LOVE BUTTER!! Norway's getting hit pretty hard from what I saw. Tom
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    Home made brush and razor stand

    VERY VERY NICE! Wouldn't mind having a few myself! Might have to try my hand at making a stand... Tom
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    Gold New Deluxe Big Boy

    WOW! Thank you for sharing! What a beauty! Tom
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    Rapira Super Stainless...

    Correct Redrako! Watch that Arko sniffing! :) Tom
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    Rapira Super Stainless...

    Nope... this is the one I'm talking about LINK I know that YMMV with blades, but I'm also finding that the different razors cause the blades to act differently. Adding even more variables to the mix... Tom
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    Rapira Super Stainless...

    I know, I know... YMMV. :) I just wanted to let you guys know that I got a REALLY nice shave from a blade you don't really hear much about.... the Rapira Super Stainless. My current favorite blade is the Astra Superior Platinum blade in the O.D. Green box. The razor I used was a vintage blue...