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  1. Tirvine

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Splashed hot water on face, Worked up a two or three second lather on a puck of MdC Fougere with a BK4 and painted it on, Three passes with whatever you call the Personnas pictured here (day 5) in an AS-D2, Showered, and Splashed on 4711 cologne. Shave was quick supremely comfortable, and...
  2. Tirvine

    What's for Dinner at Your House?

    Chunked up, floured, and browned chicken. Added coriander, cardamom, turmeric, cayenne, and some store brand garam masala, onions, and chicken broth. With ten minutes to go added Craisins, followed by Israeli couscous.
  3. Tirvine

    What's the big deal?

    Or get up early on a Saturday morning to drive to Lexington!
  4. Tirvine

    Used a Feather Blade and lived to talk about it

    Some spread sheet wonk needs to show how to convert that to how long it takes to buy a Wolfman, Rex, Timeless, etc.!
  5. Tirvine

    Used a Feather Blade and lived to talk about it

    I find them rougher than PIRs or Crystals. They definitely have shorter blade life for me. Days 2-4 or 5, though, they are pretty nice.
  6. Tirvine

    Extending the life of DE/SE blades.

    That is my SOP, too. I can get thirty off a Crystal and could likely take it further if so inclined. The various discussions about taking blades out and doing various additional things reminds me of the discussions about supposedly audible differences between audio cables on a stereo forum.
  7. Tirvine

    vintage v modern de razors - which do you prefer and why?

    The titanium truss rod just keeps the neck straight, a big issue with dreads, and the bridge plates replaces the big tone killing plates on recent dreads, being more like the older pre-war small maple plates. Buzzing sounds like either a set-up issue or an electric razor.
  8. Tirvine

    vintage v modern de razors - which do you prefer and why?

    They did indeed, but the Martin Modern Deluxe series actually has two innovations I wish the older ones had, a titanium truss rod and a sandwiched maple and carbon fiber bridge plate. I like to imagine how it might have been if older razors had had the benefit of modern metallurgy and machining.
  9. Tirvine

    Rockwell 6S - How much pressure to use on the lower plates?

    I am not a Rockwell user but have a Feather AS-D2. I am guessing it is as mild as the mildest plate out there. It requires no pressure, only patience. I get better results with Crystal blades than with Feathers. They are reputedly as sharp as or sharper than Feathers on shaves #2 et sequitur...
  10. Tirvine

    Ever have a good shave go bad?

    With the standard combination of MdC, AS-D2, and Crystal or Personna the only way a shave is going to go bad is if the hot water runs out.
  11. Tirvine

    Ever have a good shave go bad?

    Maybe you should do what I do when my golf stroke goes awry. Have a wee nip and get back to it.
  12. Tirvine

    Kent Infinity Brush .....

    I see the Antica Carpano, too, clearly a top shelf bar.
  13. Tirvine

    Kent Infinity Brush .....

    But your bottle of Old Overholt is damned good!
  14. Tirvine

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Feather AS-D2 with Personna Platinum (3).
  15. Tirvine

    Buying advice for people sensitive towards strong fragrance

    I have migraines triggered by several things including cloying smells. I use MdC Fougere soap and 4711 cologne and am fine with both. Neither has a lingering quality, a plus to me.
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