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    Your favorite athlete of all time

    Baseball--Ted Williams Tennis--Roger Federer Bull Fighting--Manolete High Wire--Phillipe Petit Table Tennis--Jan-Ove Waldner Sprinter--Usain Bolt Escape Artist--Harry Houdini
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    Deodorant of the day?

    D R Harris Windsor roll on
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    Earl Grey - What's your favorite?

    I'm not really a flavored tea drinker, but of all the Earl Greys I've tasted, I prefer Twinings.
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    I love Pelikans and have two M 400s. I love the smooth writing, the grip and the plentiful ink reservoir.
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    Worst Wet Shaving Product You’ve Ever Bought?

    I bought a couple of shave soap pucks at a local Arts Fair that were terrible.
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    Any other late night shavers out there?

    Shaving at night is a relaxing, take-my-time ritual before bed. It helps me go to sleep faster
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    Cal Ripkin 10,000 Step Challenge

    Interesting challenge. I use a high-end pedometer/accelerometer to keep track of miles walked. In the past six years I've walked just over 10,000 miles, which is an average of 4 to 5 miles daily.
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    World Series

    The Boston Red Sox will be investigated next for sign-stealing. I think players proven to be part of this scandal should be punished, too.
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    When/Why did Moustaches become creepy?

    Yes, there are fewer mustaches nowadays, but depending on the individual, they can look good. I had a mustache for several years, then SWMBO suggested I shave it. I've been clean shaven since.
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    Old People Smell

    My wife says the same thing about Tabac
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    Prescription Lens Blue Light Blocker

    I just purchased new glasses at Costco and was asked if I wanted an anti-blue light lens. I had never heard of this before, though I know about blue-blocker non-prescription glasses. The sales associate said that this feature reduces eye strain when using a computer. Has anyone gotten this...
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    Blade suggestions Feather AS-D2

    I just purchased this razor and enjoy it immensely. Every blade I have tried so far has worked well, and gives me about 5 to 6 shaves. I've used Feather, Gillette Silver Blue, Astra SP. I shave at night because it is relaxing before bed and unhurried. With the Feather AS-D2 razor I get a...
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    What's in your pocket today?

    Pelikan M400 with a medium 14K nib
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    what's happening with traditional boxer shorts underwear?

    LE boxers have covered elastic using the same material as the boxers---unless I am misunderstanding what OP means by covered.