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    Looking to Buy Binoculars

    I'm looking for some good binoculars, new or used, for general use. I'd prefer a pair that are medium-sized. I don't know much about optics or the specifics of binoculars, so am interested in any suggestions you may have. I know that prices range considerably and my price range is under $200...
  2. TinyTim

    Shampoo bar suggestions

    +1 for D R Harris Shampoo Bars. I wash my hair daily and find these keep my hair in great shape. My favorite scent is the coconut. And as another poster said, they last a long time.
  3. TinyTim

    Anyone a one pass guy ?

    The key for me is not to chase a BBS--after all, the smoothness only lasts several hours at most. That's where I run into problems with nicks, weepers, and cuts. I usually do a three-pass, sometimes a two-pass, and rarely a one-pass.
  4. TinyTim

    First Shine on New Shoes

    I have a new pair of leather boat shoes. Any suggestions for conditioning and shining these? Anything different that you do on new shoe leather beyond the shoe shine basics?
  5. TinyTim

    A Question for Cartridge Users

    I assume that the large majority of Badger and Blade members use some version of either a DE or a Straight razor. I switched from a cartridge to DE in 2013 and have not gone back, despite some early struggles getting the knack of DE razor technique. Some of you may prefer to use a cartridge...
  6. TinyTim

    What are the pros and cons of traditional wetshaving in your opinion?

    Pros I don't meditate or do Tai Chi or yoga. Shaving is so relaxing I don't need the others. Cons I spend too much money, unnecessarily, on wet shaving.
  7. TinyTim

    How often do you get a haircut

    I used to get a haircut every four weeks, but switched to a new barber, who cuts my hair so well that it lasts (and looks good) for five weeks. Go figure.
  8. TinyTim

    Daily Shaving

    A question for those of you who do not shave daily. What is the reason(s) that you do not shave daily? I prefer a clean-shaven look and find that I can go about 36 hours between shaves to maintain that appearance, but almost always shave every 24 hours to stay with a routine. In addition...
  9. TinyTim

    Soap for eczema?

    An update: I decided to go for a more long-lasting solution to the ring-caused eczema. I got my wedding ring coated on the inside with Rhodium (cost $50) For the past three weeks since the coating was applied, I have had no eczema
  10. TinyTim

    Thoughts on CeraVe Face Wash?

    I, too, like and recommend Cerave products, including face wash.
  11. TinyTim

    luxury wallets

    I had a Popov wallet until the puppy found it and chewed it up
  12. TinyTim

    Shining shoes as therapy

    Interesting interview about the stratospheric heights of bespoke shoe making. It appears that Prince Charles could use a new pair of John Lobb's
  13. TinyTim


    Nice ties! And worth getting restyled. Tie Crafters did a splendid job on them.
  14. TinyTim

    pre shave ?

    Interesting idea. I use good quality soaps and will give this a try. I currently use Proraso pre-shave cream, which improves my shave somewhat over no pre-shave.
  15. TinyTim

    GOTD- Green of the Day

    Temomicha Shincha from Yamane-En Tea Shop. Beautiful color. Smooth,sweet taste.