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  1. timwcic

    Let's see your bird pictures!

    There back
  2. timwcic

    Creepy Crawlies!

  3. timwcic

    Let's see your bird pictures!

    A quick iPad shot of parrots at the feeder. It been years since they last visited
  4. timwcic

    Coticule love... show off your rock

    A update on the logo. A fellow Coti Connoisseur gave me the info to put the logo to a Company. SPERRY & ALEXANDER: New York City importer located at 30 Warren Street, New York City and active in 1893-1927. I have also found the logo on other items including SR and B-hone from Sperry & Alexander...
  5. timwcic

    Mystery hones... Let's see what you have

    I was always thinking it was a stone from the UK. It is one of the possibilities that I was leaning towards. A Llyn Idwall hone is a close visible match but it performs and has the feel and feedback of a glassy Charnwood. It’s the color that confusing, brown, mahogany, maroons, with the green...
  6. timwcic

    Mystery hones... Let's see what you have

    I posted this item a few years ago, thought it was odd to find a Brazilian hone at the flea markets of Florida. Over the weekend I found a user manual for the “Paraguassu” from the Brazilian Abrasive Industries made with Carbonados. At first thought it was a marketing gimmick but researching...
  7. timwcic

    NOS Birth Year Lady Gillette From The Wild

    Thank you all for the kind comments. It was a very exciting find, especially at the dirt mall
  8. timwcic

    What did you hone today?

    A 8/8 Wilhelm Mandt on my favorite Coticule for a fabulous Saturday nite shave
  9. timwcic

    Arkansas Love...Let's see those Arks!

    A nugget from turn of last-last century. A 6” clean and pure Pike Translucent Jewelers Stone. Lost its label but box is in good condition for being well over 100 years old
  10. timwcic

    NOS Birth Year Lady Gillette From The Wild

    Well actually about NOS that you can get without still being factory sealed. A date code I-1 Lady Gillette in its case with cardboard insert and blades with user direction factory wrapped in cellophane. This atomic blue beauty opens and closes with ease. I was excited to find this at this...
  11. timwcic

    Vintage and unusual aftershaves: Post your photos

    That would be my guess, 60’s. Has no zip code and I think 50’s would be too old. what ever it may be, the juice is still very good. A nice powdery, lilac scent on dry down
  12. timwcic

    What’s the biggest knot you have on your shave brush?

    Thank you, I have a nice collection of late 20th century English brushes. The knots on them have that something special that is not available today
  13. timwcic

    Mystery NOS Shaving Brush, Made In England

    Very cool never stops amazing me the junk I find in the dirt mall flea markets in Florida
  14. timwcic

    Hindostan Info/Photos/ID Thread

    Two Hindostan, one a primitive cut in a odd configuration. They both use a layered surface as the business end of the hone
  15. timwcic

    Straight Razor Geeks Honing Knives

    I don’t normally buy knifes but this was to nice to pass up. A Axe chefs knife I think is from Wostenholm. Bevel was not to bad, so a quick visit on a Washita and polished on a Coti. Passed the BLT test with thin tomatoe slices
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