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    Has anyone tried reshaping a brush handle? Update - finished

    Nice! It reminds me of the Cremo horse hair handle, except it's probably way bigger. DIY solutions that actually work!
  2. Timeclo

    Post your shave dens!

    This is my humble shave den. It has pretty much everything that I want in my rotation. It's missing some brushes/razors and a lot of soaps that are in my storage drawer.
  3. Timeclo

    Badger/Synthetic knot Review (Fan Fiction 26mm)

    Hello, all you shaving brush lovers! I got a hold of a lovely custom brush from the artisan, Craving Shaving. Charles makes great ergonomic handles that looks beautiful. This time I requested for a jade like swirl color with his classic handle shape and 26mm Fan fiction knot. This knot is a...
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    Do you really need adjustability in a razor? My answer is - NO.

    You don't NEED adjustability in a razor but it's nice to have. Especially if you don't have a lot of razors, you can't get a mild or aggressive shave depending on the dial and it spices up the variety in your shave.
  5. Timeclo

    Badger and Synthetic Mix??

    So I finally got to use my custom CS brush with the Fan fiction 26mm knot. Beautiful brush and I had high expectations for it. I first cleaned up the knot with a shampoo/conditioner. When I hand lathered the brush, I definitely felt the springiness. It was not easy to splay and the bristles...
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    Has anyone tried reshaping a brush handle? Update - finished

    That looks like a comfortable and good-looking shape! Great job.
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    Yaqi 26mm Tuxedo brush
  8. Timeclo

    Post the brush(es) on its way to your den.

    Nice! It's my favorite boar brush out of the 10 boars that I have. This does have some mixed reviews but I hope you enjoy it!
  9. Timeclo

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Zenith B7 Kotibe wood brush
  10. Timeclo

    What's Your Brush Today?

    It's my favorite badger brush! good balance of everything.
  11. Timeclo

    Stirling Boar

    I had the total opposite experience. The boar knot does look a bit uneven but it feels the best and performs well. It's probably my favorite boar. Especially with the comfortable handle, it takes the cake for me.
  12. Timeclo

    Rooney knot replacement help

    I'd suggest the Maggard SHD knots as well. Or if you don't want the high density, check out their regular 2-band knots. Also, I've been interested in their mixed badger/boar knots so that's another option.
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    B&B Essential best badger brush.
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    Brush Acquisition Thread

    Wow nice brush! I really love that handle. It resemble my Stirling boar brush which is really comfortable to hold.
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    Brush Acquisition Thread

    Just in general, not specific. I like the look of a SHD 2-band badger knot with a handle of my choice. I'm interested in a purple haze handle so that'll be my next handle in works.