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    Green Mountain Shaving Soap?

    I know this is an older thread but just wanted to chime in that I purchased some a while back at a local shop in Alabama and really enjoyed using it until one of my children stole it from my shaving area and destroyed it during bath time :angry: We have really hard water and it was more than...
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    Canoe aftershave

    WOW! That is one very old bottle - I love how canoe smells. Very outdoors-ey
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    Anyone here tried Creatine? Your experiences?

    Well, a quick search on scifinder shows otherwise.
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    another bozo makes some soap

    Depends on a lot of factors - superfat can be between 3 and 8% - I never go over 5% though becasue of humidity here but if you lived in a very arid climate you could get away with slightly higher.
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    another bozo makes some soap

    Nice! I would personally cut down the coconut oil, you have it a bit high - too much is really drying (for me anyway). Also when you are formulating in soapcalc, you need to mark the little radio button that says 90% purity under KOH, as KOH absorbs water and the kind you purchase from a lye...
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    Bath soap without coconut oil?

    Just go for a castile soap - 100% olive oil - it takes a year to cure but so worth it - you can find cured castile at a health food store - read the ingredients, should say either saponified olive oil or sodium olivate. Kiss my face makes several varieties. Dove is awful for your skin :(
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    Anyone here tried Creatine? Your experiences?

    Don't do it - just don't - its really hard on your kidneys and when you stop the like 3 lbs you gained go buy bye in like a day. Trust me, speaking from experience - just do a nice protein shake after work out and eat more while you are bulking.
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    Anyone into astronomy "Star Gazing"

    I love astronomy and my uncle has made several Newtonian reflector telescopes, down to polishing the lenses himself and writing some of the software to track trajectory and take photos. I typically just go to the observatory on one of the college campuses nearby but I would love to learn how to...
  9. Member Album by Tiki

    Member Album by Tiki

  10. Tiki-Santa-Gift


    These are the lovely products I received from my secret santa :)
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    Tiki Bar Soap Not delivering what I paid for.

    Thanks guys. I really do feel awful about it, but to be honest the way I was treated by the OP who brought forth the claim is why I keep doing what I do - he could have yelled at me and cursed me out, but he didn't. He was very kind and civil and that means the world to me.
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    Tiki Bar Soap Not delivering what I paid for.

    Thanks Mel, I really appreciate that.
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    Tiki Bar Soap Not delivering what I paid for.

    No, you don't need to offer any apology! It is totally my fault that it happened, not yours, and I completely and totally 100% own up to that. I am the one that should be offering the apology, not you!!! I just wanted to reply here so that others understood what is going on in general, and what...
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    Tiki Bar Soap Not delivering what I paid for.

    Just got in touch with you via email but I will respond here as well. It isn't that I didn't send the order, an aftershave was left out of the order. I switched over to order fulfillment via a warehouse provider where I send them the soap and then they send out the shipments, so I am actually no...
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    Simple table top product photography

    I think they all look fine - I find 'professional photographers' to be quite snobby - not all, but most. Just because you learned the equation for focal length doesn't mean you are now master of the universe.