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    Looking for a really good AS blam for my face

    Check out Ethos Grooming Essentials. You can google it but he's only open for email orders right now as he hasn't set up a website yet. Very new vendor. If you want a link to information about it you can PM me as I'm not sure I'm allowed to link other forums onto here. It's an after shave...
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    Looking for a really high-end expensive brush

    If you want the most expensive ever... TheVarlet. you'll have to get on a waitlist though.
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    Simpson, I hate you #SBAD #BAD #MAD

    There's always room for one more in the collection here are reasons you should buy it: 1. Heirloom 2. Makes you feel good looking at it. 3. Can always sell on BST if you don't like it. 4. Supports production of more fantastic brushes. 5. Life is short. Enabling indeed LoL.
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    Chubby 2 Synthetic Questions

    There is a huge difference in lathering with a synthetic and lathering with a regular badger. I have the Chubby 2 in Super Badger and Chubby 2 synthetic as well. I'll tell you that the Synthetic is very soft but doesn't hold water well so it's a bit harder to face lather with. I prefer using it...
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    Vintage or Modern ... What's your preference?

    As someone who doesn't like a second hand razor... I can't buy a vintage... so I have to say Modern. With that said those vintage razors do look very nice. My entire collection is modern.
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    Blackbird's Handle???

    The only issue I have with the blackbird handle is the way it looks. other than that it's an excellent handle, probably the best grip out of my collection.
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    Saying Hello and Looking for Recommendations

    I actually have 2 straights. A feather SS Club and an Art of Shaving razor. I have to say that I didn't like using the straight razor so much, the honing and stropping wasn't really something I enjoyed so much so I bought the Feather Straight Artist Club to be able to shave without all that in...
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    Anyone here prefer to just use their face to lather?

    For me it depends on what I'm using. Generally if it's a cream I bowl Lather. If it's a soap that isn't nearly empty I face lather. If it's a soap that's running out and it's difficult to load I put a piece of it in a bowl to lather... usually when the soap is just a thin ring around the edge...
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    Saying Hello and Looking for Recommendations

    I'll be sending money their way with every badger brush I buy. Thanks for the welcome! :)
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    Who makes the stinkiest brush?

    Any animal hair brush from West Coast Shaving. Always has that funk. I have to shampoo and dry it multiple times before it starts going away...
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    Saying Hello and Looking for Recommendations

    Yeah I've already ordered the Karve in Brass. I think I want to experiment with the Patina though. I wonder how I'd like it once it is since everything else I've bought is pretty much going to be shiny. Also wanted to post this because the Tatara Masamune arrived today.
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    Saying Hello and Looking for Recommendations

    So you're saying the Polish can be returned just by tooth paste? I was wondering if the Patina meant that there would be layers of the razor being stripped off everytime. I've heard vinegar was a solution as well.
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    The Varlet

    Waiting for my turn in line. Aldo confirmed it in an email. I went with a Orion 29mm XD in cement low matte. Will see how it looks.
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    Saying Hello and Looking for Recommendations

    Just thought I'd update this if anyone was curious what I've got now: Tatara Masamune Dark (Ordered from Portugal) Timeless Titanium (Ordered) Tradare (Ordered) Feather As-D2 (in hand) Blackland Black Bird (In Hand) Seygus Zepplin V2 Ti (In Hand) I caved for the Seygus and Tatara because...
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    High-End Razor or Brush?

    I'm going through the same thing right now. Done with SAD, now I have RAD and BAD. I've bought several razors now... And several brushes and going after a few more. I have to Echo what @dmshaver said. If you're only going to get one, go with a razor. Blackland, Timeless, and a few other top end...