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Recent content by TheRealScubaSteve

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    GLUE ! Ahhhhh.

    Thanks for the tip. I find myself obsessively rubbing it til it's gone. For some reason hot water will get one spot off, but not the other.
  2. T

    pet problem

    Stop using soap that is made from catnip oil.
  3. T

    Do you wash off alum?

    I first bought it for nick control, but I find it makes my skin feel amazingly smooth and rejuvenated afterwards. If I don't use it, I can feel the difference.
  4. T

    Do you wash off alum?

    I've always left it on without issue. I've never had any residue, but I do use Nivea balm after it dries. If I don't use alum my skin does not feel as good.
  5. T

    why do people torture themselves with shave soap?

    With hard water, I need to load much more than others (I assume) do, but I still find VDH pretty easy. I could not get Mama's Bears to lather at all - I assume this was due to the sample being so small and being difficult to load fully.
  6. T


    I've dried mine for years with no shrinkage. I could see how the fabric might with high heat, though.
  7. T

    Lady with Allergies to Metals

    I did a Google search on non-metal razor blades and came up with the "Cerazor." It's a plastic cartridge looking razor with a ceramic blade. It's available on ebay and Amazon for $40ish and there's at least one video on YouTube of a guy shaving his face with it.
  8. T


    Unfortunately it does seem to be a trend of not having a fly cut. I had the same issue with Hanes and FoTL (plus they dont stay soft for long), but the Hanes X-Temp tagless boxer briefs stay put very well and are very soft. ExOfficio stays put and is a really comfortable lycra mesh type...
  9. T

    A PIF of Contrition

    Not in, but that brush looks like my VDH boar if it is blue plastic. I was unimpressed the first couple uses (new shaver) but it broke in very quickly and now I love it!
  10. T

    Tips For A Newbie?

    No idea! It must be an automatic message after a certain number of posts. I didn't know it said that until you pointed it out. I re-read your post three times thinking you were crazy!
  11. T

    Tips For A Newbie?

    I'm totally new myself, but I second the advice of trying different blades. That has made the most difference for me and am now happily irritation free.
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    Another Disappointing "Barbershop" Shave story

    I've never had a shave by anyone else - barber or "fancy s spa," but I would have certainly questioned the use of a cartridge as a shaving tool in such a place. I'm sure that wasn't cheap, either. Very disappointing, indeed!
  13. T

    Drying brush

    I have no problems with my boar brush drying within 8 hours or so (never really timed it). After I clean the brush out, I flick the excess water out and gently run it back and forth over my towel.
  14. T

    Conklin stub

    Worth a shot! I find most Noodler's inks to be on the wet side. Robin's Egg (Anderson Pens excl.) was very dry, though. I use Pelikan Brown and Turquoise is one of my pens exclusively as it feathers with any other ink because it is such a gusher. Thicker paper is an option too. Black N Red is...
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    Postage Due

    This seems to be standard practice for the USPS if some postage is on the package. If they returned to sender, I think they'd have to re-purchase postage since the postage has been cancelled.
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