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  1. theologist

    Gillette to release NEW DE razor for the holidays

    I can hardly wait!!
  2. theologist

    Enjoying the new Proraso Red Aftershave

    I got a bottle last week from Men's Biz in Melbourne. I really like the scent... not quite the same as the soap, but very pleasant and soothing
  3. theologist

    *CLOSED* Lovgren & Daughter Shaving Brush Giveaway *CLOSED*

    theologist puts his hand up, too! Looks wonderful!
  4. theologist

    Favourite local shaving product?

    Barber's Supply Shave Cream (made in Sydney; used to be called Bardsley's). Their Bay Rum is great stuff, too - you can use it for everything: aftershave, cleanser, sting relief, etc, etc, etc!
  5. theologist

    ATT - anyone prefer solid bar to open comb?

    I generally prefer SB razors. Yes, OC can be closer, but, frankly it is easier in my opinion to cut yourself with an OC (especilly if you have any acne, ingrown hairs or other little bumps) --- and I'd prefer not to have to worry about that just before heading off to work in the morning.
  6. theologist

    What's Your Brush Today?

    A Zenith boar with an unspecified wooden handle. Common in barber shops in Oz, and overall very satisfactory' especially for soap lathering. Suspect Zenith may be an imprint of Omega (can anyone confirm?)
  7. theologist

    Your favorite soap?

    I think Tabac is great. Another one that is amazingly good for pennies is Godrej - made in little round pucks (Indian).
  8. theologist

    Howdy from Down Under

    Excellent! Welcome! Another Aussie!
  9. theologist

    Polsilver Super Iridium - Opinions

    The last lot I bought - about six months back - were excellent.
  10. theologist

    Why are there no posts about the Merkur 43C? (not 34C)

    That actually sounds like a nuanced description of Tabac to me!! :laugh:
  11. theologist

    Which Boar Brush Should I Get?

    They're a bit hard to find, but the Edwin Jagger boars are very good - they only make two or three varieties because they specialize in badger in the various grades. Otherwise, the Omega ones are difficult to beat at the price. Oh, and the Vulfix 'Burlington' is a good, standard boar as well.
  12. theologist

    Boar help please!

    Perseverance is the key to any boar brush. Every time I get a new one, it takes three months' continuous break-in before it is really shaveworthy. But they are worth it... boar (or horsehair) works brilliantly with hard soaps.
  13. theologist

    Most under-rated and over rated blades- in your opinion.

    I think the Greek Bic blades are under-rated.
  14. theologist

    Win a Free Vie-Long 13070 Premium Horsehair Brush With Olivewood Handle!

    I would like to join the contest. I have tried horsehair, and it's splendid!
  15. theologist

    Proinsias! Thou PM's Be Fulleth

    Yea, verily. Howsoever, me thinketh that thou dost need some guidance in the nuanced art of Jacobean English. "Thy PM's overfloweth" may be more apt. And, forsooth, it is impossible to "bother ye all" because "ye" referreth unto the singular; even in period expression, "you" is plural...