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Recent content by TheKman

  1. TheKman

    Rockwell 6S: I Have Found "The One."

    Yup. In both of my Timeless razors every blade is a very snug fit, with the exception of the Feather blades. Feather slide in and out freely while everything else has to be pressed into place.
  2. TheKman

    Bronze Timeless

    I actually measured the blade gap on mine and it was 0.46mm +-0.02mm. With a guard span of 1mm it's pretty hard to get it wrong really.
  3. TheKman

    I think I might be a Rye man.

    Mmm. There's something about Rye and citrus I think, have to try that.
  4. TheKman

    Insomnia Anyone?

    Well, that's a novel idea! I often find myself restless, like, muscular restlessness, or something. I'm trying that tonight.
  5. TheKman

    Timeless Bronze .38 Review and Analysis

    You're very welcome, glad to have helped.
  6. TheKman

    Me? Powerlifting?

    Colour me impressed! I can honestly say I've never met anyone your age that's taken fitness this seriously... in a light-hearted S&G sort of way. :) I'm inspired! I'm at the beginning of that journey, 41, gave up cigarettes a couple of years back, getting cycle fit slowly, lost about 13kg...
  7. TheKman

    Shave first, then shower

    So I conducted a little experiment to determine if shaving before showering changed the outcome of my shave and I can say conclusively, yes, it does. I spent a whole week doing each of: 1) shaving in the evening without showering (shower in the morning only), 2) shaving in the morning...
  8. TheKman

    I think I might be a Rye man.

    Took me a good four seconds of dumb staring to make that connection. :001_huh:
  9. TheKman

    I think I might be a Rye man.

    No kidding! I'd never made the connection, surely it's blended in some way?
  10. TheKman

    Hang or Stand — AN EXPERIMENT

    So this is where the BOSC started... It's Cal's fault!
  11. TheKman

    Why the job interviewing process sucks...

    Result? Interview tip #732: Find a hook, catch your prey and reels 'em in quick!
  12. TheKman

    I think I might be a Rye man.

    Haven't seen either of those... We really miss out. On the plus side I'm enjoying the Knob's Creek a lot, lots of complex characters, far more than the others I've tried. It's more of a sipping Whiskey, not really well suited to cocktails. I have to look into how this is made and better...
  13. TheKman

    The incredible new Timeless BRONZE DE

    Oooo. I vote white Rhodium. :)
  14. TheKman

    Final Thoughts For Now On Rockwell 6S

    What I'm suggesting is to try shims purely to determine if that's the shortfall. If so, definitely move it on.
  15. TheKman

    Final Thoughts For Now On Rockwell 6S

    I've noted that a couple of people here are using #6 with a couple of shims, so there is a distinct possibility that the Rockwell doesn't have enough bite for your beard type out of the box. Shims are a cheap experiment it you think it will highlight a shortfall.
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