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  1. the_edski

    Baker's Dozen : Movie Edition

    Given the time of year, family friendly Halloween films that you enjoy: 1. Frankenweenie 2. Arsenic and Old Lace 3. Beetlejuice 4. Ernest Scared Stupid 5. the Frighteners 6. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 7. Corpse Bride 9. Monster House
  2. the_edski

    Baker's Dozen - Corrupt a Movie Title

    Your movie is in a bad mood. 1. Forrest Grump 2. It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World 3. The bastard of Oz 4. Pissed Off on Elm Street 5. Unhappy Gilmore 6. Schindler's Pissed 7. Where Eagles Glare 8. The Name Of The Morose
  3. the_edski

    Make a DE restoration subforum.

    +1 to what Jim said. It's the reverse Field of Dreams mentality..."If they come, we will build it".
  4. the_edski

    CONUS Only 048 Pink LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

    $40 Cheers for keeping the tradition going!
  5. the_edski

    The Nib Acquisitions 2020

    Got one of these bad boys in the mail yesterday. So much better than disposable Pentels...
  6. the_edski

    Bought a house

    Congrats! Good idea on leaving the electricity to a trained pro. Knob and tube wiring is not something to trifle with. Looking forward to the pics!
  7. the_edski

    Just plain old water....

    I was really surprised this wasn't posted during the "natural" and "alum vs. aluminum" debtate
  8. the_edski

    Going to Chicago...

    Personally, I preferred "Frank Lloyd Bite" as the name.
  9. the_edski

    Going to Chicago...

    Even if you don't have room for more, Merz is fun to browse and look at items you'll never find anywhere else. If you goto the Merz downtown, make sure to stop by the lobby bar in the Palmer House Hotel next door. Have a drink and look at up at the beautiful painted ceiling. While you're in that...
  10. the_edski

    Famous lost men’s fragrances

    The new stuff seems a little artificial and synthetic. Like they tried to analyze the old stuff and make a carbon copy but lost something in the process. It's not bad, but its just not "it".
  11. the_edski

    Famous lost men’s fragrances

    Nautica Latitude Longitude (my signature scent in college, I have half a bottle left I will wear once or twice a year) Bowling Green- original formulation (this was my dad's signature scent, along with Brut)
  12. the_edski

    Tangled Up in Blue

    Lamy Blue is my favorite blue. To me, it is the classic "professional" blue. It is no frills, but when it comes out wet on a thick line, it has an ever so slight hint towards royal blue that is a nice touch.
  13. the_edski

    Rip neighbor

    That is devastating that the tenant had to find him like that. If it was intentional, good lord I don't want to think of that depravity. Perhaps it was something he didn't consider before making the final choice. My wife's uncle committed suicide in his house and left a note on the door saying...
  14. the_edski

    Guess that movie

    Crispin Glover and Keanu in the same movie? I have no idea...
  15. the_edski

    Guess that movie

    That is "Love Actually" And I will play on, if that is ok. Please play on as well because I won't be on this weekend. Should be very easy!
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