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  1. The Knize

    Fragrance / Scent of the day.

    Oh yeck yes!
  2. The Knize

    What Are You Reading?

    Good one
  3. The Knize

    Poetry thread

    Wow, OB, I am impressed! Chapeau!
  4. The Knize

    Poetry thread

    I am surprised Dylan Thomas does not come up more often around here. That used to be one of my favorite poems, too. Then when my father was slowly dying I began to hate it. Sometimes it is better to go gently into that good night!
  5. The Knize

    What TV series you watching?

    "Everything is Gonna Be Okay" on Freeform and Hulu. Josh Thomas does excellent, creative, thoughtful and warm, comedy. All characters are appealing.
  6. The Knize

    Coca Cola Seasonal Specialty

    I did find some kosher for Passover coke in Viriginia the other night, so I guess it was not wholly absent from the DMV this season.
  7. The Knize

    What TV series you watching?

    Did I say previously Hinterland? Set in Wales. Quite good police procedural.
  8. The Knize

    Collins Drinks

  9. The Knize

    How much water do you drink each day and has it changed over the years ?

    I have pretty much stopped drinking all sodas, and now only drink sparkling water, kombucha, and coffee, the latter usually in the form of espresso, usually only a shot or two a day. I probably drink a litter of water a day now in the form of water. I used to drink none.
  10. The Knize

    Poetry thread

    I had not realized Berrigan was the priest in Me and Julio and I had forgotten he was a poet. I sure remember him from back in the day. A visceral poem!
  11. The Knize

    Fragrance / Scent of the day.

    Habit Rouge edt version. I always forget how much I like this one. And the edt is definitely my favorite expression.
  12. The Knize

    Fragrance / Scent of the day.

    Vintage Polo Green AS. Strong and good.
  13. The Knize


  14. The Knize

    What TV series you watching?

    Into season 2 of City on a Hill. It is okay, I guess. I do not love many of the characters. All flawed or worse.
  15. The Knize

    Best fragrance for a manly man?

    To me, all.
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