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  1. The Knize

    What TV series you watching?

    Finished Trapped S2. Just started Lupin.
  2. The Knize

    What are you drinking tonight?

  3. The Knize

    Tabac Aftershave vs. Eau de Cologne (EdC)

    Yes, this is absolutely so. I think my favorite Tabac scent is that of the AS, and of the shaving soap. I like the edt the least.
  4. The Knize

    Poetry thread

    I saw that comment, but that is not my reading of "Bluebird." I suppose the bluebird could be read as symbolic of sweet, happy emotions exclusively. I see it as more symbolic of delicate emotions of all types. But I see the problem of letting that bluebird "out" as it interfering with his...
  5. The Knize

    Great actors in bad movies

    Maybe the accountant is to blame--he is apparently suing his manager, too--but I do not think the accountant told him to buy a dinosaur skeleton for $150 million or whatever it was or to buy something like 30-50 cars or to get arrested for disturbing the peace and whatever other self-destructive...
  6. The Knize

    Got a new favorite lavender - what's yours?

    I meant to mention this earlier and I am sorry if this is a repeat, and I also hate to be bringing up unobtanium, but the Saint Charles Shaving lavender and Bulgarian lavender colognes or edts, or whatever Sue called them were very nice, nearly pure, as I remember it, lavenders. I think the...
  7. The Knize

    When did shave soaps decline in favor of canned cream?

    I hear you on that, and isn't that a big part of what we are really talking about on this forum?!
  8. The Knize

    Fragrance / Scent of the day.

    Halstron 1-12. I think the bottle I have is sort of semi-vintage. I still really like this scent.
  9. The Knize

    When did shave soaps decline in favor of canned cream?

    Artisan shaving soaps are certainly not all created equal. And, I think soaps are highly YMMV. I do not know all the reasons that is true, but I am convinced it is true these days. I suppose water and technique have to make a difference. I would not want to discourage anyone from trying gels...
  10. The Knize

    What are you drinking tonight?

    What are you using for grenadine? I make my own from fresh pomegranates, but I would not say you have to go that far. :) Grocery store brands seem to have no pomegranate or other actual fruit at all. Jack Rudy (I am sure I have called it Jack Ruby in the past, my bad!) is very good, but as...
  11. The Knize

    What are you drinking tonight?

    I definitely have preferences as to applejack. First, any French calvados should show very well. Every one I have tried has had excellent apple flavor, and has otherwise been high quality. Second, my go to is Laird's bottled in bond apple brandy. 100% apple. The more expensive and longer aged...
  12. The Knize

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Ward Eight, then a Jack Rose. To me the latter is clearly the superior cocktail, even though I really like rye.
  13. The Knize

    Highland Park - A Shadow of What Was?

    Thanks. I will have to watch these more closely when I get home. I like Ralfy as a reviewer. It is a shame to have HP go downhill in quality. It probably went up in price, too. He seemed to be saying his palate may have gotten fussier over the years. I have thought the same from time to time...
  14. The Knize

    When did shave soaps decline in favor of canned cream?

    Good point! That and packs of smokes!
  15. The Knize

    Jokes that make you groan

    < This conversation haunts me from time to time, especially now that I'm real close to 65. > 65 does not seem nearly so dramatic in the rear view mirror!
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