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  1. The Count of Merkur Cristo


    Mike: Unfortunately, I believe we no longer have 'any' operating drive-in's in the Bayou State. 😢 What I 'don't miss' about the drive-ins were the mosquitoes that got in the car through the 'little-tiny' slit(s) in your window(s) that you hung the speaker (yeah...I hated to sit on that...
  2. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Cigar Of The Day (COTD)

    Chef: Love the 'stache'. :thumbsup: "You need [commitment] in your soul to give birth to a mustache [and beard]". Friedrich Nietzsche
  3. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Liver anyone?

    Rusty: ...now, this Thread could be just 'offal' :))), but seriously...the Mrs. and I love some liver & onions, but being a 'equal opportunity' carnivores ...; The innards I love is braunschweiger, liverwurst, oxtails, pork belly, scrapple, beef marrow roasted bones, kidneys, ham hocks...
  4. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Tales for spoiled brats

    Legion: I remember my Dad telling me when my other brothers got me to ask...”Why don’t we have more bathrooms”? His rejoined with a wink...”Bathrooms...when I was your age...I had to share the one bathroom with my brother while he was still in it”. “Chiidren are often spoiled because no one...
  5. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Shaving Mug or Coffee Mug...Difference?

    Twoswords70: My shaving mug is my Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalog Ceramic Shaving Mug (I'm a 90% face latherer & 10% scuttle user), which is 3¼in tall and 3in across the top. :thumbsup: Also, I use a 3in Plastic Test Cap as a Lid for my mug (plus it has a 'nipple' in the middle to grasp the cover...
  6. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

    Zippo Update!!!! " Review: Official Zippo Butane Lighter Insert!!! The distinct ping of a Zippo lighter opening is music to the ears of many, but for cigar lovers, it’s more of a warning. This is because seasoned cigarians know that old-school Zippos may look cool and inspire nostalgia, but...
  7. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Your favourite "hot" sauce ?

    Hot Saucers: “Edition OLD BAY Hot Sauce Now Available! OLD BAY Hot Sauce is heeeeeere! And there are two ways to get it. Live on the East Coast? Click here for a full list of stores carrying the good stuff. Outside the East Coast? Click here to purchase from our limited online supply...
  8. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Songs with a great intro

    Erik: For your music pleasure...Earth, Wind & Fire...w/ "September"; "When words leave off...music begins". Heinrich Heine
  9. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Make Ice Cream, in a Mason Jar [say whaaaat?]

    Ever think you could make Ice Cream w/o all the fuss? This idea / recipe is just what the doctor ordered during these difficult times! 😷 By Amelia Nierenberg - NY Times - 9 May 2020 "Making ice cream at home feels like alchemy, a complex process of mixing and cooling. Now that summer is...
  10. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Post your family heirloom

    Captain: For me, it's my 1936 Longines 14K Pocket Watch (engraved with my full name, birth date and the quote..."A Wrist Watch merely tells Time...a Pocket Watch tells a Story." ). ...which I use just about everyday! :thumbsup: Besides keeping excellent time, my watch has great sentimental...
  11. The Count of Merkur Cristo


    Mike: Other than Vegas, we've been to Atlantic City, NJ casinos, but we have been to casinos in Germany (Bad Soden, Baden-Baden and Bad Kissingen). Like to go to Reno, NV and like to go back to Vegas (we'll stay at the downtown Fremont and enjoy the Fremont Street Experience [wink])...
  12. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Sardines - food of the gods - best recipes - post pictures!

    Sardine Lovers: :2guns:I 'pulled' the trigger on a four (4), pack (cans), of King Oscar Mediterranean-style sardines (w/ top-grade extra virgin olive oil, sliced black olives, red bell pepper, garlic, and herbs of Provence),...hmmm, hmmm good! :thumbsup: "I'd rather be someone's tin of...
  13. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Back from the dead

    Mick: So you say you're back from the dead No way...just a well deserved 'sabbatical' that's all. Q. BTW, what other shaving accoutrements (blades, brushes, soaps, scents ect...), are you working with? As you can imagine, B & B has 'grown' since then, but when it's all said and done...
  14. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

    [ Lighter Buffs: Additional text in blue above. [Zippo:]"Always works—or we fix it". Zippo lighter slogan since 1937
  15. The Count of Merkur Cristo

    What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

    Today, I 'pulled the trigger' and am waiting on a brand new (23yrs old...some say 'rare', in original tin, with instructions and UPC code), 1997 Premier Issue Cigar Aficionado [CA], Lighter (matte black textured finish with the CA plaque affixed to the front & protected with crystal clear enamel...