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  1. THall

    No Barber Shops open ? No problem.

    Longest my hair has been in decades, as in 1987. Always keep it high and tight. Really strange combing the hair on the side of my head. Well my face is still smooth.
  2. THall

    Your Oldest Razor?

    1904 Gillette Double Ring. The original owner ground down the baseplate a bit to resemble a New Improved. Very nice, smooth quality shave. Kinda like shaving with like any Old Type, only more aggressive with a pronounced blade gap.
  3. THall

    Can't Restore, But Preserve?

    Protectaclear works better but more expensive.
  4. THall

    Best DE Razor knurling.

    Fendrihan Mark Series (Adventurer) is tied with my Rex for best grip in my rotation. Different patterns on the Mark Series, you just choose your favorite. Runner up would be my Maggard MR8.
  5. THall

    Ready for use? You sure about that?

    I have a few beautiful cases, like the US Military Gillette kits. I cleaned the outside but inside is always a mess, 100 years so I’m not surprised. I always intend on refurbishing the inside but never get around to it. The whole trip to the local JoAnn Fabric is always daunting for me. I am...
  6. THall

    Is This Razor For Me???

    If it is a similar shave to the Ambassador, then a much slicker soap/cream would help. I find the shaves a little harsh with the Ambassador unless I grab a slick soap and spend more time with prep. The Body Shop Maca Root cream works well, very slick, but no scent to speak of.
  7. THall

    Blade Feel

    Exposure definitely. I’ll add that I get much more blade feel with Kai blades in any razor.
  8. THall

    First Old Type

    Very nice. My Old Types are at the top of my rotation as best shavers. Lab Blues and Yellows are best for me with the OT.
  9. THall

    Which cheap chinese razor to get?

    Some of us like our MS 3000S also, the Frankenstein Monster of razors. There are also multiple variant clones of the Futur, all have their little quirks.
  10. THall

    Would you pay big bucks for a mint Gillette Tech?

    I saw an I4, NOS Super Speed last week for about half on the card.
  11. THall

    Would you pay big bucks for a mint Gillette Tech?

    There are travel Techs all over the Bay NOS much much less. Get one and put another handle on it. Just my 2 cents
  12. THall

    Gillette “woody”

    Great concept. Reminds me of some of my big cases holding my watches.
  13. THall

    SOTD -Going Old School in NYC

    Very cool.
  14. THall

    Who can name movies or TV shows that have shaving scenes.

    Just caught Damian Lewis shaving with what looks like a contract Tech in Band of Brothers (Bastogne).
  15. THall

    Most well balanced razors

    I could balance any of my vintage Gillettes on my finger riding a bicycle. I love my other razors, including my modern ones, but I can’t balance most on my finger without any sudden movements.