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    SOTD: 18 - 24 March - Free Week

    Merkur HD Fresh Feather blade Art of Shaving Unscented Cream Edwin Jagger Best Badger Simple Replenishing Moisturizer
  2. TFrankMac2140

    SOTD: 18 - 24 March - Free Week

    Monday Night Prep:Hot shower Razor: Dovo Tortoise 5/8 Brush: Edwin Jagger Best Badger Cream: Art of Shaving Unscented Post: Warm water rinse and cold water splash Aftershave: Simple Replenishing Moisturizer Thomas
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    Newbie that finally loves to shave

    Welcome to B&B! +1 love seeing another Pennsylvanian!
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    Styptic Pencil- makes scars?

    +1 Never had any issues
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    SOTD: 11 - 16 March 2013 - Hangar Queens

    Dovo Tortoise 5/8 TOBS Eton College Cream Edwin Jagger BB Alum Simple Replenishing Cream
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    Advice for Shaving Troublesome Neck Area

    I've been shaving with a straight now for about half a month and have been able to get very close and comfortable shaves on my cheeks down to the jawline, however my neck has been causing me some issues. Like many, my hair grows in a different direction around my neck than my face so that a...
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    Alum users

    +1 I pretty much utilize the same process. I wet my face with cold water and run the alum block gently around, then I pat it slightly with a dry washcloth after use.
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    New guy checking in

    Welcome to B&B, John! :thumbup1:
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    Canuck that's new to DE

    Welcome to B&B, Steve! :thumbup1:
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    PIF: 7 T&H Samples and Dorco Blades

    Thanks for all the entries gents! The winner is.........Cnichol3 :thumbup1::thumbup:
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    How many razors do you currently own?

    One straight and four DE's
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    another newbie to B&B

    Welcome to B&B!
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    New member from dubai.

    Welcome to B&B! Unfortunately, I have no information on where to find supplies in your part of the world, however like mentioned above, I'm sure you'll find some info around here sooner or later. Tons of helpful members from all over the world! :thumbup1: