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  1. TexLaw

    Olive oil and Bread

    You people made me get up and bake some semolina bread.
  2. TexLaw

    Olive oil and Bread

    That is one of my favorite scenes from that show. That's saying something, too, as I loved that show. I have it on DVD, and it might be time to watch it again, perhaps with a lovely Bagna Cauda.
  3. TexLaw

    Lemon Or Mint Tea

    I actually buy dried peppermint leaf and add it to to lose leaf tea. Typically, I like adding it to a good, malty Assam--typically one teaspoon of mint for each tablespoon of tea, but that varies with my whim. Really, it works well with about any tea when I'm in the mood, even green teas and...
  4. TexLaw

    What Tea/Tisane Are You Drinking?

    I do love a good jasmine tea (and I've been doing so even during the intervening two years since I last posted to that effect). Thanks for reviving the thread!
  5. TexLaw

    Olive oil and Bread

    FTFY Rub a garlic clove on the bread a little bit. Sprinkle a little salt. Grind a little pepper. Drizzle a little oil. Life is good. Get very good, very fresh, extra virgin olive oil, and you don't need the pepper. The oil is peppery enough on its own. I've also mopped up more than a...
  6. TexLaw

    Anthem for this season we are in - post yours

    Having just read the post about his passing, this already was playing in my mind, and it couldn't sum things up much better at the moment.
  7. TexLaw

    RIP Bill Withers

    I hadn't heard that until now. That is sad. I'll have to fold a few of his songs into tonight's play list. I remember trying to get my breath control to the point that I could hold that note in "Lovely Day." Nope. Never got close.
  8. TexLaw

    Speakeasy RIP

    Yes, it was rather like a Speyside or Highland. It was a gift from a friend some time ago, before the world got hysterical about Japanese whisky (or whisk(e)y) in general, so the last few drams were well beyond their prime, but it still was a joy to drink. Even though the flavors and nose had...
  9. TexLaw

    Stockouts, panic buying, and how you cook...

    I noticed the same thing a couple of weeks ago, so that's also what I did. I consciously went for a premium option for staples (eggs, cooking oil, etc.) so as to leave the less expensive options on the shelf for someone. WIC or not, some folks have to count pennies right now. It won't make...
  10. TexLaw

    How Serious Is Your Community About Covid-19? - Mega Thread

    This isn't quite as weird for me as it is for many others. I've been working from home since 2009, and I am still working, although to a lesser extent. I've also had an erratic schedule during all that time, so I've become accustomed to dealing with busy days and slow days and a lot of time at...
  11. TexLaw

    Ketchup in coffee is actually a thing!

    I'll let y'all know in about 364 days! :thumbup1:
  12. TexLaw

    Ellis Marsalis

    That is a shame. He was something else. May his music live on.
  13. TexLaw

    Ketchup in coffee is actually a thing!

    Interesting! That reminds me that I've been meaning to try a cappuccino with frothed Miracle Whip. Look for a report in the morning!
  14. TexLaw


    Congratulations! It's hard to beat that price! I'll tell you that very long smoking can be mighty tricky, but it can be done. Fire management is mostly about using the vents, and that's more a matter of experience. Your fire always needs some air supply, but it doesn't need much when you're...
  15. TexLaw

    What's for Dinner at Your House?

    Happy anniversary, @kelbro! Mrs. TL and I are celebrating 25 years very soon. We have plans for July are wondering what will happen to them.