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  1. Texican

    F/S or Trade Cologne Lot

    Looking to downsize my fragrance collection. 1) Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet with box 100ml about 94% left 2) Caron pour un homme 4.2 oz about 95% left $50, Free shipping CONUS Also will consider a trade of Hammam Bouquet
  2. Texican


    Depends. Here at our corner store near my house in Louisiana, I never use it. They don't have it. Walmart on the other hand.... If I am going there for toilet paper and bananas, yeah, I'll use it. But so often it is more crowded than regular checkout.
  3. Texican

    My Dad passed away earlier today

    May your father's memory be eternal and may you have long life.
  4. Texican

    Mechwarrior Online

    See, I LOVED playing the Mechwarrior games when I was a kid (just the other day my dad and I were drinking beer and saying, "Remember how AWESOME Mechwarrior Mercenaries was?"). But now I am not much of a PC Gamer anymore. I do, however, at times, like playing Artemis Bridge Simulator with...
  5. Texican

    Mechwarrior Online

    Anyone play it? Honestly, I thought about looking into it. I have a little time now to play games but like a lot of MMORPGs, if it is dominated by squeakers, forgetaboutit. I tried doing EvE Online and yeah...don't care for spreadsheets in space.
  6. Texican

    Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki Ink 15ml

    Hi all. This is for Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki Ink 15ml (Winter Persimmon). I would prefer to trade this for 15ml or equal to that of other Iroshizuku inks, preferably something blue or black. I have only drawn out one Waterman converter's worth of this ink and...it just isn't my style. I recently...
  7. Texican


    So, I have recently moved closer to my homeland - Lafayette, Louisiana to be precise. I used to belong to the Rec Center when I lived in Wyoming but recently I noticed that there is a CrossFit box not too far from my home. So I am looking into maybe giving it a try. Though I have been weighing...
  8. Texican

    FT: Hammam Bouquet

    Hey all! I have a bottle of Hammam Bouquet, 100ml, that I am interested in trading. It has been sprayed only once, after given to me as a gift by a family member. I used to be a devoted wearer of it, but not anymore. Now I am more into Blenheim Bouquet and citrus eau de colognes. Here are...
  9. Texican

    Any Stamp Collectors?

    Or is it just me? I re-started stamp collecting recently, taking some of my old collections that I have had from when I was twelve. A lot of Soviet space specimens (I wanted to be an astronomer growing up but discovered I was horrid at math) and Third Reich specimens I inherited from my...
  10. Texican

    Pet Peeves

    My pet peeve? Women with long nails who try to type with them. In the IT business, it drives me bonkers. And as an Orthodox priest, it drives me bonkers as well, especially when they clack their nails on chairs and things during services.
  11. Texican

    Tea trading?

    I might need to be redirected but do we have a tea trading circle around here? If we don't have anything like this, I would be interested in spearheading it..
  12. Texican

    The most expensive tea you've tasted?

    Last year my wife and I visited Japan and went to Toraya, a traditional confection shop in Tokyo. I ordered a matcha that was around $15 a cup. It was like drinking spring in the Texas hill country.
  13. Texican

    Honemeister in the Rockies?

    Not particularly. I'd be up to any suggestions and give business to anyone who is deemed excellent.
  14. Texican

    Honemeister in the Rockies?

    Howdy. I have recently received an old Solingen straight as a gift. It appears to be in good condition but has some tarnishing and the blade needs to be shave ready. Are there any honemeisters who would be able to restore it?