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Recent content by texaspete

  1. texaspete

    10 Bourbons You Can Afford To Drink. Every. Single. Day.

    My favorite cheap ones. Old Weller Antique 24.99 Evan Williams SB 23.99 Fighting **** 16.99 Old Grand Dad 114 21.99 Old Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond is also decent at 13.99 for a litre, but not on the level of the ones above.
  2. texaspete

    So I want to start exploring whisky.

    Hey there. Just starting this process myself. A friend of mine let me try some pappy van winkle 20 yr and of course it was great. I started researching and picked up a bottle of larceny and a bottle of Blantons (the first classy bourbon I ever had). Larceny is similar to Wellers and makers...
  3. texaspete

    zed117's Year of Stirling

    Stirling sandalwood is a synthetic fragrance. I think I remember reading a comment that Rod made that real Sandalwood oil is a couple hundred bucks for a small bottle and that it just wasn't economically feasible. I've really only shaved with Stirling stuff the past few months. My favorite...
  4. texaspete

    Lather Pics

    I just used the tutorial on here with the luke warm water method and stuck with it for a while. Used a bowl and added a little water as I went but focused on keeping the lather down in the bottom of the bowl.
  5. texaspete

    Another new Rudy Vey brush. This one is Epic.

    I dig it! I have a funky multicolor Rudy vey as well and it's my best brush.
  6. texaspete

    Proraso White Residue?

    proraso green does the same thing for me, but it hasn't caused any problems with breakouts at all.
  7. texaspete

    My new RV brush!

    it never will bloom as much as the WD knot. that 2 band is a dense strong knot. you will grow to love it though! I'm about six months into owning my RV 24/48mm 2 band brush and at first I thought it was too stiff, but it broke in nicely. Here it is on the right next to my 24 and 30mm...
  8. texaspete

    New guy needs to understand how to deal with puck

    I have big soup mug with a wider opening than a typical coffee mug. I mash the stirling puck down in there (very easy since it's soft). Fill it up with hot water drop the brush in while I shower, then dump the water and shake the excess from the brush leaving it a little wet. 30 seconds of...
  9. texaspete

    MdC and Sensitive Skin

    interesting. I had noticed a little extra burn when I used my fougére a few days after getting a sunburn. I only use it occasionally now and it doesn't cause me any more problems. But I've also settled into using a British aristocrat Jr. pretty much exclusively now and it's a smoother milder...
  10. texaspete

    D R Harris Arlington Shave Cream

    I have and enjoy the Arlington cream, but does anyone else think it smells like fruity pebbles?
  11. texaspete

    New Brush Arrived.

    very nice! so what constitutes a Thayer day vs a Rooney day for you?
  12. texaspete

    Rudy Vey 2014 B&B Merit Award Marco

    very nice, and congrats. that brush will make all your others feel like overcooked spaghetti noodles! :)
  13. texaspete

    New Guy Here!

    thanks for your service, and welcome to the board!
  14. texaspete

    Will Moonjava brushes be made again?

    here's the Rudy Vey Southwest moonjava I just got. it's a hum-dinger.
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