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  1. tetraodon

    simple reloading

    Thanks for all the opinions, I looked at the Lee kits and they are within my budget. I'll have to save up a bit.
  2. tetraodon


    trending is just, the most viewed, most searched for, or most looked at news story, picture, or post on social media. its basically just a social media version of a fad.
  3. tetraodon

    simple reloading

    just as the title suggests, im looking for a way i can simply reload rifle cartridges. i know hornady makes some hand re-loaders for some calibers, that would be best as i wouldnt be reloading many rounds or need to do them quickly. the caliber is 7.7 x 58 jap. i know the round is based off the...
  4. tetraodon

    Knife Sharpening

    depends on the blade. i carry around a small hard ark for on the spot touch ups, but i have a full progression of full size arks. ive had mixed results from water stones, guess i need to work on my technique a bit.
  5. tetraodon

    Term "wet shaving" exclusive to "safety razors?"

    you can break the term wet shaving into modern and traditional. modern wet shaving is cartridge razors, or electric with foam/cream, traditional is straight/DE/SE with soap/cream/foam. its like pen and ink drawing, while all pens have ink the term is mostly used to describe drawings using...
  6. tetraodon

    The struggles of being under 30 and using safety razors.

    im soon to be 26 and use DE, i let my 4 year old "play" with my VDH, no blade of course. he loves to run around "shaving" everything. i cant wait to pass on a good razor to him
  7. tetraodon

    Forging Videos

    i like walter sorrels videos, very in depth. though i thoroughly enjoy documentaries so sitting through a 20 minute video is easy for me. he specializes in Japanese style blades, and has make great DIY knife making videos.
  8. tetraodon

    Dry Shave

    did a dry shave with my dads super speed, wasnt bad, better than a cart. but definitely wouldnt shave with anything less than water.
  9. tetraodon

    Pen holster suggestions

    ill have to check those out, im changing jobs and no more button downs with pockets for the most part.
  10. tetraodon

    Fishing combo for a kiddo

    i got my boy a fiberglass dock demon, but i also have some short and long rods, so the kiddo growing isnt a big deal
  11. tetraodon

    How long did you DE shave before you said "I'll never go back"?

    i borrowed my fathers super speed and did a dry shave, just to compare with how i was cartridge shaving, that shave prompted me to get a VDH razor, and sent me on my journey
  12. tetraodon


    make sure you arent reacting to a product, i had painful skin after using an after shave balm. also it just takes time, so be patient
  13. tetraodon

    Shooting sports now has a new steward

    congrates, we all start somewhere
  14. tetraodon

    I want to paint a cheap razor... ADVICE PLEASE

    its not really cheap but delta echo razor works will use gun-kote to paint them,
  15. tetraodon

    DE Shaving helping to keep me sane....

    im sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but im glad you caught it early and its treatable. congratulations on the amazing shave!