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  1. Teppanyaki

    I want to upgrade from Merkur 34C

    I'd consider a RazoRock BBS or .68 Game Changer; also, a Fatip Gentile (regular or slant).
  2. Teppanyaki

    Razorock has a new model of razor DE BBS!

    I find both of them to be quite similar (at least the Storto Gentile closed comb); they both shave very closely, glide easily, look beautiful, and are a great deal for what they are. The differences: The BBS is stainless steel (more expensive, presumably more durable, has that "stainless"...
  3. Teppanyaki

    Ban the user above you!

    Alacrity is banned for an avatar showing a happy Opus. It's highly misleading.
  4. Teppanyaki

    What's Your Sun Hat?

    Well, this thread inspired me to look for a straw hat, and I ended up with something . . . nontraditional, but I love purple and think it looks pretty sharp. My first fedora. I'll be turning the front brim down (or do you turn down the entire brim?).
  5. Teppanyaki

    Razorock has a new model of razor DE BBS!

    It's been almost a week with my BBS, so here's my (longer) review: Aesthetics & construction - stainless steel, shiny, appears professionally made. I like the highly curved architecture. Both blade tabs are fully covered, which I also like as I don't have to worry about thoughtless nicks to...
  6. Teppanyaki

    Razorock has a new model of razor DE BBS!

    I have to add - the Game Changers and now BBS are really excellent razors. I'm pleasantly surprised and happy with RazoRock's offerings, and so you can definitely consider me a RazoRock fan. Between RazoRock and Fatip (and Merkur), I'm very pleased with my modern razor collection. If I had to...
  7. Teppanyaki

    Razorock has a new model of razor DE BBS!

    Shave #3 - did a very quick pre-work comparison between the Game Changer 0.68 and the BBS. Both shave equally closely (which is excellent, for me), with an easy to find angle. Different feel, which I can't really describe (both excellent, though). BBS may have had less drag. Excellent overall.
  8. Teppanyaki

    Razorock has a new model of razor DE BBS!

    Shave #2 with the BBS. Shaves as smoothly as the Mamba 70, and feels like it shaves more closely (roughly as good as a GC .68, although I haven't directly compared the 2 yet). Shaving angle is easier to find than the Mamba 70, with slightly more blade feel. If I had to pick one, I'd pick the...
  9. Teppanyaki

    Razorock has a new model of razor DE BBS!

    Quick review - shaved with my BBS today. Very comfortable and friendly, efficient, 5/5. Like a Mamba 70 but slightly closer/more efficient? Definitely worth it. The Super Knurl handle is nice as well (although RazoRock's barberpole is even nicer imho). Zero complaints. Glides well, no...
  10. Teppanyaki

    Revamp @razoremporium

    I will add that, back when I was getting some razors replated, I looked At Razor Emporium's BBB rating. There were numerous complaints registered. For some reason, they are now rated at A+ by the BBB. I'm not clear why the change, as I continue to see the same types of complaints posted.
  11. Teppanyaki

    Speick AS balm

    I love Spieck aftershave balm, and I don't like any alcohol burn (it has none). I don't notice any menthol cooling, either. It's a minty lavenderish scent that is great, and it balms/moisturizes well. I always have a tube of this around. 5/5 stars.
  12. Teppanyaki

    Current Daily Driver Razor

    Fatip Gentile slant/Il Storto and Merkur Progress on 1.5
  13. Teppanyaki

    New RR head coming soon?

    I thnk that it's now available on their website (just ordered 1 with a super knurl handle along witha few creams that looked interesting - Ach Brito, Vi John, Derby lavender). I didn't get an email confirmation, which is weird because I signed up for one.
  14. Teppanyaki

    *Fatip Slant*

    I've shaved twice with the Fatip slant closed comb/Gentile, and I'll echo that it is a very smooth razor that glides well and feels friendly. I do still have blade alignment issues (I can't get both sides to look similar although they are straight) as the 2 guide pins are slightly narrower at...
  15. Teppanyaki

    Thayes hazel witch

    I use Thayer's as part of my aftershave rotation; I like it when I want something light. I love the cucumber scent, and also like coconut. Just bought some lemon. I don't like any alcohol in my aftershaves (I hate that sting/burn), so Thayer's suits me well. For a thicker balm, I go to...
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