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    FS Paladin Brush

    Ebonite Chief 26 mm Cumberland Honey (A03). Original owner. New price $310. For sale $240. Free CONUSA shipping.
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    Why Multiple Razors?

    I have tried numerous razors - including high end such as Paradigm, Timeless, and Wolfman. Yet I find myself using the Muhle R89 most of the time. With a nice sharp blade the R89 is efficient and smooth giving a no drama BBS shave every time.
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    just one brush

    my Paladin El Dorado 26mm. The handle fits like a glove, nice soft tips with excellent flow through.
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    Simpson Trafalgar T2 ..... first shave.

    got my T3 yesterday and gave it a go. Very densely packed knot with soft tips and backbone. The handle feels great. It is a great value for $28.
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    Suggest favorite boar, badger brushes

    I am really liking the Simpson Captain 2 Super. A wall of badger with great flow through.
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    What's Your Brush Today?

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    Simpson Trafalgar T2 ..... first shave.

    Can anyone compare the Omega Evo to the T3? Omega is double the price. Is there a preference for the Evo handle vs. the T3?
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    FS Brad Sears Brush

    Brad Sears Arley 26 mm Select Badger brush. Free CONUSA shipping. $140.
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    I have the Limes & Peppercorns aftershave. Nice stuff. Decent smell. Minimal sting. How are the other scents: Bay Rum, Sage & Cedar, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Double Strength Bay Rum?
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    Proraso Aftershave Splash (Green) -VS- Proraso Aftershave Balm (Green)

    use the balm once in a while - mostly in the winter or if my face is irritating me. Otherwise always use the splash. Great scent. Got the 400ml.
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    Amber: Floid vs Epsilon?

    I had the older Floid Italian 400ml. The scent was really long lasting. I have since gotten the Spanish Floid Suave that is a more toned down and doesn't last anywhere as long a the old Italian. Once I finish the Suave I will try the Vigoroso.
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    WTB WR2 titanium SB 1.45

    Good luck getting a titanium Wolfman . Very very few ever made. And not made anymore. I love my Ti 1.15! They are as rare as unicorns.
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    Timeless VS Wolfman

    The Timeless Ti95 was giving me post shave irritation on my neck for whatever reason. Most folks are getting the WR2 in SB. I have a WR2 SB 1.15 which is great daily driver. I do have a 1.25 gap on order.
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    WTB Wolfman WRH2 90mm Hollow Handle

    good luck. The WRH2 hollow is my favorite handle.