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  1. talibeard

    Merkur 45 Metal Replacement/Counterpart

    This. Owning both (and then some...) I can say they are pretty close in the way they shave and behave. The main difference is in weight and balance as the Razorock Baby Smooth (alu) is light but still way heavier than the Merkur 45.
  2. talibeard

    A Turkish Delight: The Yuma razor.

    Actually, yes. Apart from shaving properties and the YMMV-part this Chinese razor does feel better, looks better and is better made. Still a piece of junk but a better piece of junk with a shaving characteristic that is very close to the Turkish Yuma for around 2 bucks. It isn't worldshocking...
  3. talibeard

    A Turkish Delight: The Yuma razor.

    The one in the picture looks like Turkish. Do you mean the Long Feng (Dragonfeng) or 'improved' Yuma?
  4. talibeard

    Life before online ordering?

    Agreed and Gillette as well as Schick/Wilkinson Sword even paid to be dominantly on those shelves. I started with DE shaving in '90 so before the internet; I found a TTO (Gillette G1000 clone) in a Czechoslovakian (was still 1 country back then) drugstore with some Astra blades. Back in the...
  5. talibeard

    Enough Blades

    I didn't stop buying blades. Last time I counted there was enough for around 140 years of shaving. But I just cannot (will not) help myself. But my son will need some shaving kids too, to get the job done.
  6. talibeard

    FaTip Piccolo Special Edition

    You like it. Ok, I can live with that. :001_smile
  7. talibeard

    FaTip Piccolo Special Edition

    I love both the original open comb and the more recent testina gentile and this is a good deal but..... damn, this color combination hurts my eyes. It is so 'the godfather' bad taste. Sorry.
  8. talibeard

    Favorite carbon blades?

    There is only one place I found those (Hungarian Lord importer) and I ordered through email, not the webshop, and I don't know if they ship worldwide but you can write them in english; Captain Penge 10db-os Because they are so hard to find I stocked a lifetime+ supply.
  9. talibeard

    Favorite carbon blades?

    The red Captains by Lord and the Black Beauties by Treet. I like the Treet Durasharps as well and various vintage blades from Max Herder and Apollo. Still a truckload of other vintage blades to try out. I love carbon steel blades though some vintage ones (and recent Chinese ones) can be pretty...
  10. talibeard

    Wee Scot Dilemma

    The Wee Scot is big enough to do the job for sure but I have to agree here. The Special (in best) is a better deal and more comfortable to use.
  11. talibeard

    Anyone tried Lord Cool & Lord Classic Stainless?

    Funny as i think Astra's SP are way below the Lord Classics and I gave away most of the 100 blades i ordered some years ago. Simply too much tugging going on and certainly not as smooth. Definitely YMMV going on here, as always with razor blades.
  12. talibeard

    Ebay and the growth of DE razors

    It has changed a lot in 10 years; back then most vintage razors were cheaper than new ones (there was not much apart from Merkur, Mühle (back then rebranded Fatip's), Fatip and Edwin Jagger (back then; Merkur heads on their own handles). And of course, almost forgot, the Feather popular. Now it...
  13. talibeard

    Anyone notice any significant difference between the Lord brands?

    For me it is hard to see the difference between most Lord sub-brands like Racer, Rainbow, Big Ben and Asco and one of the Lord branded blades, the Lord SS Cool as they are all not as sharp as I like them. But there are noticable differences imo between the Lord Classic, the Lord Extra's and the...
  14. talibeard

    Anyone tried Lord Cool & Lord Classic Stainless?

    I think the lord Classics are great blades, too much under the radar perhaps, sharp, very forgiving and for me good for 5/6 shaves. The Cools are more on the same level with Lord blades like Big Ben, Asco and Racer; not bad but they lack a bit of sharpness imo. Go for the Classics!
  15. talibeard

    Chrome plated Zamak

    Spot on imo. Of course we want something that we like to last forever but in the end nothing does including me. There is nothing wrong with spending some extra for a lasting tool but some people speak as if a Zamak razor will crumble into nothing after a couple of uses; it won't. Chances are it...
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