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    Brush Recommendations for Hard Water

    Your hard water is causing your lather problems and will not be solved by getting a new brush. Instead use a small amount of backing soda in your tap water or buy a gallon of distilled water. Either two, will work miracles in your lather.
  2. takisg

    New SOC handle with dings?

    Most likely these marks happened when they took the handle out of the lath. I think those marks give a nice patina to you brush... enjoy it!
  3. takisg

    Manchurian Scrub Fest

    That's great! I am sure that a lot of people did not know that Zenith can make to order brushes like shavemac. Thank you!
  4. takisg

    Manchurian Scrub Fest

    I have check them out... There are two under the code : 2006 /T Extra & 2006 Extra , both have Loft 51 mm & knot 21 mm Also 207 Extra, P1 Extra, & P2 Extra which have Loft 51 mm and knot 22 mm All of the above as i can understand are Silver-tips... I am afraid that with that long loft will be...
  5. takisg

    Manchurian Scrub Fest

    Thank you, i will have a look.
  6. takisg

    Razor blade care instructions from 1944

    Very nice short film... thanks!
  7. takisg

    Astra SS or SP?

    Astra Superior Platinum, the perfect balance between sharpness and smoothness.
  8. takisg

    Manchurian Scrub Fest

    Great brushes, enjoy them! Too big though for my taste.Do they sell smaller knots? 19 mm 20 mm ?
  9. takisg

    Have Synthetic over taken Badgers?

    How can you like a synthetic shaving brush? ...it is a thing without a soul..
  10. takisg

    Your top five soaps?

    In no particular order: Mitchel's Wool Fat Cyril R. Salter Solid Shaving Soap (New Tallow Formula) Lea Classic Shaving Soap Dusy Professional MEN Kabinet Rasierseife Valobra Hard Shaving Soap
  11. takisg

    Alternatives to Mitchell Wool Fat (with natural ingredients)?

    alternate to MWF? Just give a try to Cyril R. Salter Solid Shaving soap and Lea Classic shaving soap. I have them in my rotation with MWF and i find them superb. Also try, if you can find it, Dusy Professional MEN Kabinet Rasierseife.
  12. takisg

    Help with my Kent Blk 12

    Kent brushes are not lather hogs because are not that overly densely packed. Blk 12 though is a very big brush, which holds tremendous amounts of water, so load the brush well with a lot of soap. A lot of water + a lot of soap = copious amounts of lather. I have a Kent H4, which is 1/3 the size...
  13. takisg

    Reknoting Simpsons Classic

    Simpson Classic is a very dense brush. This is the reason why many people call it chubby 1/2... Do not re-knotted it because you going to spoil it, instead sell it and buy another brush. A good recommendation might be a Vulfix 2273 super badger. This brush has all the characteristics you like at...
  14. takisg

    Vulfix Brushes

    I have four of them.... and as Marco said, are fantastic shaving brushes with excellent lather flow. Vulfix 2234 Silver-tip in faux handle. Interesting brush with a luxurious feel, soft, a bit floppy, yet surprisingly firm in use. Vulfix 404 Grosvenor badger - boar mix. This is a very firm...
  15. takisg

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Alum block & Vitos after shave.
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