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  1. tailoredfamcam

    Pour Over Wars - Hario V60 vs Kalita 102 vs Kalita Wave

    I think you've talked me into the Bonmac 2 hole dripper. I have the single hole and it makes good cups, but I always go back to my Kalita 185 or Americanos (depends on if I have the 'spro machine up and running). Off to Temple's website I go!
  2. tailoredfamcam

    Creamer VS. Black

    A lighter roasted coffee brewed properly. Depending on where you're at in Texas, there's a number of specialty coffee shops that will roast lighter than what everyone is accustomed to. If you don't mind mail order, Onyx Coffee Lab is in Bentonville Arkansas and roast some great beans.
  3. tailoredfamcam

    Tell us about your espresso machine

    ^^^I'd love to find some machines like that! I'm afraid it would likely be another rabbit hole for me, though. They look great!
  4. tailoredfamcam

    Cold Brew Coffee

    I started playing with cold brew and I've found the hot bloom cold brew recipes to produce great coffee.
  5. tailoredfamcam

    Mazzer Super Jolly Doserless Conversion

    Looks great! I picked up the funnel from eBay and I'm 99.999% positive it's a modified funnel like yours. It's not quite as long as I need, though. I may pick up the original Major funnel. I notice a TON of static because I don't use a screen. However, I get next to none when I RST. So I...
  6. tailoredfamcam

    Help with new Grinder for Pour Over

    I own the Hario Skerton, Baratza Encore, and Breville Smart Grinder Pro. The Hario lasted me about a year and was used for work duty, but the burr recently broke and now the Encore will take its place. I purchased the Breville SGP because it could grind fine enough for espresso, but I don't...
  7. tailoredfamcam

    Aeropress, does not impress.

    You may use a higher dose and perhaps stir more to get the extraction you desire. Mokapot doesn't have much pressure, but it certainly makes a fine cup of coffee. The beauty with the Aeropress is the almost infinite possibilities of extraction.
  8. tailoredfamcam

    Mazzer Super Jolly Doserless Conversion

    I think I'll be making the jump to doserless. The doser is pretty decent, but I like playing around with different variables.
  9. tailoredfamcam

    Mazzer Super Jolly Doserless Conversion

    I'm definitely in to see your results! There's a seller on the 'Bay that has a doserless funnel that's ready to go, but it's about 4x times as much as what you're receiving.
  10. tailoredfamcam

    Mazzer Super Jolly Doserless Conversion

    I'm putting together my doserless setup because I'm not super fond of the doser. Are you using the antistatic grid?
  11. tailoredfamcam

    Commercial Espresso at Home, Advice Needed

    The gentleman with the screenname, poison, would recommend the Astra Pro. It seems like a solid performer. It's not a dual boiler, it's a heat exchanger machine.
  12. tailoredfamcam

    Commercial Espresso at Home, Advice Needed

    Darnit. You may be talking me out of the 920...
  13. tailoredfamcam

    Commercial Espresso at Home, Advice Needed

    I've really been looking into a Breville dual boiler. It seems to have great reviews and has a lot of features that I want.
  14. tailoredfamcam

    Commercial Espresso at Home, Advice Needed

    My primary question would be, "why do you want a 2 group unit for your apartment?" Having said this, I live in an apartment and want a commercial 2 group. HA! The La Marzocco GS3 seems to be a pretty solid prosumer unit that does very well at home and for a smaller café and requires only 110...
  15. tailoredfamcam

    How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

    It's relative to what your 'cup' size is. I consume anywhere between 32 and 48 ounces of drip coffee a day.
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