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Recent content by taffy

  1. taffy

    Sextoblade pass around and PIF

    A first, for me anyway, there is a 7 day set of this razor on e bay uk
  2. taffy

    Are straight razor users not that into brushes

    Not a huge brusher collector, i do have about 6, but only use 2, a frank and a simpson, the rest are ones i tried boar, horse hair etc and have no plans to buy anymore till i have to!
  3. taffy

    Schick Krona

    Really good little shavers these, everyone should have one.
  4. taffy

    Why Do Folks Brag About Cuts and Irritation?

    I find that it gives me info, if so and so is using x, y z and i used xyz, and we both got some irritation, it does help to know this, not that it means x y or z is a irritant, but you know that maybe one of them is causing something on your face.
  5. taffy

    Lifetime of a straight

    As others have said, corect honing and carefull handling they will outlive us all.
  6. taffy

    Heribert Wacker Straight Razors?

    Thats is one nice looking razor, thinking of one of these myself.
  7. taffy

    My $0.01 Challenge Razor

    You must have good patience to achieve that.
  8. taffy

    Sextoblade pass around and PIF

    This is being posted on to gull today, enjoy it, i did.
  9. taffy

    Vie-long Horsehair brush

    I like my vie lon hh, it is a good value, usable brush.
  10. taffy

    Poll: Do you find DE or Straight razors give you a closer shave?

    I can choose 2 answers to your poll ;) a de gives me a closer shave on average, but i can get just as good with a straight, BUT, not as often as with a de, sorry about not casting a vote.
  11. taffy

    Palmolive Classic Shave Cream...

    Last one i bought i reckon was a bad one, could not raise any lather, though been using this stuff for years as its a real good cream.
  12. taffy

    Collection after a year and a half.

    You have a serious problem my friend ;)
  13. taffy

    What makes a Filarmonica so special?

    Wish i could get one, here in the uk i have only seen them on the bay, and to start chasing one is a dangerous thing to do ;)
  14. taffy

    Sextoblade pass around and PIF

    I am impressed with this razor, its far better than any other shavette type i have used before, the blades slice through the hairs, no irritation, just a really close shave. I have not yet taken the gaurd off, will try this tomorrow night, but so far very good, in fact if i saw 1 around, i would...
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