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    WTB Griest Shaving GS1 Razor Handle 3.5 Inch

    I believe that is the GS2. The GS1 knurling was more similar to the iKon Bulldog knurling. The GS2 is still available on Justin's website. Tom Whoops! Just checked his site and they are sold out in all sizes. Sorry.

    Vintage or Modern ... What's your preference?

    Most of my vintage razors are some variation of the Gillette New (with an interesting new handle):

    Vintage or Modern ... What's your preference?

    Modern handles! As for razors, vintage for me; I have some newer razors, but I have played around with their handles, as well.

    Okay, fess up. When you started this year you had enough shave soap in the house to last at least a year

    Yep. I started the year with 10 years' worth of soap/cream and still bought 10 new shave sticks and traded for an eleventh since the quarantine! I think it's a s(t)ickness. Tom

    Fatboy Blade Bank

    And year! Last half of 1958 halfway through 1961. Look at Achim's page here: http://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierklingen/Rasierklingen.htm for 1958 through 1961. There were different metal blade dispensers during each year. Although, do not overlook Adam's comment above; Gillette may have limited...

    Who Uses Blade Dispensers?

    A couple of years ago (no more than five) Sally Beauty had the Personna Platinum blades in a thumb-dispenser. I bought a pack then, but haven't been back in almost as long. I also have a fairly new thumb-dispenser pack of German Wilkinson blades. Tom

    PIF Fatip Classic Grande Open Comb

    This is a wonderful PIF, but I'm sorry; I'm not in. I already have a 2009 Muehl R 89 (which is a Fatip Grande), and I am humiliated to confess that I have no story that starts out, "It ain't much..." The winner, however, will wind up with a really great razor. Tom

    Gillette Red and Black Set - NEW SHORT COMB SC

    I think if I were going to preserve a Short Comb, I would want it to be one with the squared stand-offs at the corners of the cap and the square shoulder on the bar handle. But that's just me, and it is an opinion. Tom

    Aluminum razors. Which ones do you use or would you like to try?

    Some interesting info here on the Razorock SLOC 2.0 Aluminum: https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/rr-sloc-2-0.577883/ I was not crazy about the feel of the razor with the steel handle, but like it much more now with an aftermarket aluminum handle. Tom
  10. TADIII

    RR sloc 2.0

    Aluminum handle from the B/S/T at another forum. I don't know very much else about it. Tom
  11. TADIII

    Gillette Trac II (and equivalent) Carts?

    Thank you, @Sabre , are those from India? Tom
  12. TADIII

    Gillette Trac II (and equivalent) Carts?

    I have Trac II carts from the US, from Mexico, and from Poland. I have seen GII carts from Spain and from Germany, and PII (7 O'clock) carts from India (also Wilman [Gillette-Wilkinson?]). Is there a consensus on which blades are sharper, smoother, longer-lasting? I am asking about Gillette...
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    I have total DE Razor analysis paralysis

    Hey, @ElonsMusk , more than three dozen really good and comprehensive answers here, and you know why? The responders have all done the field work you are currently overwhelmed by, and even though we will all happily share our findings with you, ours will probably not match yours - not now, and...
  14. TADIII

    Found Gillette razor

    Yours is an early one - premerger, or up to about mid-1932; there is no "Reissue" patent number on the underside.