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Recent content by svenzorn

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    What's your relaxing and (still) efficient DE razor?

    Merkur 34c. As always.
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    Which razor brand did you want to love but you sold them all?

    Actually I sold all my Fatips (4). I thing their design is just not for me. I always have a problem shaving with them. Wanted to love Fatip razors but they are so uncomfortable for my skin (old grande, new grande and piccolo, and gentile). I was enthusiastic at first but the problems remained...
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    Top 5 St. Petersburg, Russia DE Blades

    Perma Sharp, Gillette Platinum, Astra SP, and Polsilver for me.
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    proraso red super formula

    Completely new formula? Come on!
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    The Simpson Trafalgar T2 is the best synthetic I have ever used.

    Not quite as feather soft? Is it gentle on face with soft tips like yaqi purple haze or moka for instance ? Thank you.
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    Did reconditioning ruin a Fatboy?

    A bad blade maybe?
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    with so many iconic razors in the past gillette decided to copy somebody else`s razors
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    What’s your favourite modern day de razor?

    Actually the only modern de razor that I use is 34c with 3 shims. All others are vintage. I sold my fatips, mühles, jaggers, slants ...
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    What’s your favourite modern day de razor?

    Hi, what is better GC OC or GC CC? And how exactly aggressive are this razors compared to more popular safety razors like de 89/34 or vintage Gilletts? Thank you
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    Best cheapish cream in a tube?

    Palmolive, Proraso blue and Nivea are my favorites for cheap creams. Cheers
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    Looking for a new safety razor

    Hi Sir. My suggestion is Merkur Future or MMOC single edge. Cheers.
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    Looking for most aggressive double edge safety razor available

    Every razor without the base plate.
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    Dr. Harris vs MWF

    They are both excellent. Two big boys of the classic line. Love it!
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    Your current TOP 5 DE's?

    Hi, I bought the razor from a dollar-like shop. Looks like de89 geometry, but is didn't. After a three pass shave I enjoy 10-12 h a true BBS! This razor is the emperor for the ATG pass. No redness, no nothing, just absolutely zero sting from my after shaves! No link to share, sorry. Cheers
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