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  1. Suzuki

    I have bought "the devil's pen" - the Ahab!

    I actually like my Ahab - I gave it the standard cleaning, including scrubbing the feed with a toothbrush and it was very easy to adjust the nib/feed to get the flow I wanted. I don't like the flex nib and I am currently using a Nemosine .6mm "calligraphy" nib, which is a cursive italic and...
  2. Suzuki


    I used to use a lot of Noodlers because it was well priced and readily available, since branching out to use Diamine, Private Reserve and J Herbin, I use the Noodlers a lot less. While good inks, I do find that the Noodlers tends to be harder starting/cloggier than the others.
  3. Suzuki

    Starting to dislike Noodler's Bad Blue Heron

    While I can't provide any specific colour recommendations, some brands that seem to work well for me are Diamine, J. Herbain and Private Reserve - all of which have a broad selection of colours. Hope this helps.
  4. Suzuki

    Nib Acquisitions for September 2013

    No pics, but scored a good deal on a Parker Sonnet flighter with a gold-plated steel nib and an interesting UK Parker 95 flighter with what appears to be a factory medium italic (almost a cursive italic, as the shoulders are not too sharp). The nib on the Sonnet is interesting - while its a...
  5. Suzuki

    Lamy/Parker/Cross choices

    While I like my Ahab, I don't consider any Noodlers pen to be a good choice for someone who isn't willing to fiddle with a pen to get it working. I'm not a huge fan of the modern Parkers or Cross pens, so I would go with the Lamy by default. Having said that, I've owned a couple and sold them...
  6. Suzuki

    A Traveling Pen?

    Basically, take any pen you wouldn't be broken up about if you lost. I travel with FPs on planes all the time and haven't had any problems - the only advice is (as others have said) to make sure the ink supply (be it piston, converter, cartridge, aerometric - or whatever) is either almost full...
  7. Suzuki

    Anything better than Fisher Shuttle Gold Grid G4 for under $25?

    IMHO, you can't go wrong with any of the Fishers that have been mentioned - they are quality pens and the refills are quite good (I find they can smear a bit if you're left-handed and tend to drag your hand across what you've written). I also like the fact that they are made in the US.
  8. Suzuki

    Kaweco Sport Initial Impressions

    Just picked up one of these from a local vendor - great little pocket pen for a nice price. As stated above, the fine nib is close to the width of many brands' medium nibs (especially Japanese nibs) and I suspect the fine nib will work for most people. Also, the fine nib will help stretch the...
  9. Suzuki

    Lefty with bad hand writing.

    No need for a special nib - virtually all modern nibs have a ball on the tip, so work fine for left-handers. As stated above, fine to medium nib and a quicker drying ink will generally allow you to write as you would with any other pen. With this type of set up, you can write at regular speed.
  10. Suzuki

    Pen Review - Sheaffer Imperial Triumph (1970s)

    Great review! I think Sheaffer pens don't get the respect they deserve - IMHO Sheaffer made some of the most innovative and best nibs out there (I'm a big fan of the Triumph and inlaid nibs) and their pens look good and write well. I think that one of the reasons for this is due to the...
  11. Suzuki

    What's in your pocket today?

    Sheaffer Lifetime Balance with a nice medium Triumph nib. Just switched over from 5OS to Noodlers Blue Eel.
  12. Suzuki

    Need some help with an EDC ballpoint.

    I'm a big fan of the Fisher cap-o-matic metal pens. $10 - $12 buck gets you an all metal pen that should last forever, the Fisher refills are pretty decent and will write on most surfaces, in the rain, etc. Also, if you lose it, its no big deal.
  13. Suzuki

    Surprised by Pelikan M205

    I recently acquired a green striped 140 from Rick at the Penguin - it cost me $125, which I thought was a fair price for a completely refurbished pen from a vendor with a stellar reputation. I just noticed that the prices have gone up to $140. Still a fair price given that dealing with Rick...
  14. Suzuki

    The Great Debate, Round One: Steel Vs. Gold Nibs

    My $0.02 There is no "better" in this argument - as has been noted by others, there is so much more to a nib than whether it is gold or steel. I have pens with mediocre gold nibs and ones with great steel nibs - the performance of a nib is based on the overall design. That being said, I think...
  15. Suzuki

    If You Could Bring One Pen Back Into Production?

    I would bring back the Parker 51 aerometric or the Sheaffer touchdown with the triumph nib - not fancy pens, but just fantastic workhorses. In terms of the Pelikans, what would like to see is a return to the old nibs with great spring/give - a small amount of line variation (but definitely not...