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Recent content by Sueto

  1. Sueto

    Rooney Stubby 1 Finest

    I still enjoy using mine. There were more than 12 made for sure. I got rid of most of my other brushes after getting this little unicorn of a brush.
  2. Sueto

    D.R.Harris Windsor Arrives

    I went ahead and took the plunge on this and ordered through their website. I was out of Arlington splash and just kept clicking on things... all of a sudden I am checking out with some items. I went for the Windsor cream and splash.
  3. Sueto

    Packing small amounts of cream?

    I use the sample containers or small sized pill boxes. Container store is good for this sort of thing. I recently picked up some GoToob silicone soft bottles. (http://humangear.com/GoToob.html) I found the small size at Target and it works pretty well with my Proraso.
  4. Sueto

    Feather stainless and bleach

    Wow. just saw this thread and the pic. I cried a little. Hopefully people aren't cleaning their stainless steel appliances with bleach either. I wanted to throttle a maid service that I caught doing that. I cringed when I read the title and thought surely it wouldnt be this.
  5. Sueto

    The under $100 watch challenge

    Seiko, Citizen, and Orient are really great deals under $100. Of the three I like Orient the most. I really like my Orient. It keeps time just as well as more expensive watches. The second hand movement is pretty smooth, doesn't seem as clunk when comparing it to a Citizen I have. It gets just...
  6. Sueto

    King Of Shaves Azor Razor? Any Good?

    I didn't think much of it after trying one out. It wasn't worth keeping around. I think there are better disposables out there than the Azor. I didn't care much for the flex mechanism it had on the head. Nothing really memorable about it. If i had to go with cartridges and wanted a cheaper...
  7. Sueto

    Great service from Bullgoose!

    With regards to this, I think that is just the way he chooses to do business. My orders from him have shipped USPS. There aren't a whole lot of different options as far as shipping goes and they will pick up from place of business like any other. I didn't really have an expectation of fast...
  8. Sueto

    3D Printing a Brush Handle?

    There are a variety of places on the net where you can send a cad model and they will print the product for you. The cost isnt too bad. An example of a site that does this kind of work is Shapeways. http://www.shapeways.com. They can do plastics, metals and milk glass.
  9. Sueto

    Unscented Cream for a Base

    The reason I suggested the Real Shaving Co. Unscented cream is because it has the same base as higher end creams like Truefitt and Hill. Also for the price you aren't going to be out much at all if your experiment goes bad. I am not confident with the possible outcome of using KMF as a base if...
  10. Sueto

    Unscented Cream for a Base

    Real Shaving Co. Unscented perhaps.
  11. Sueto

    What's a good point for a newb to start looking at more razors?

    If you can see a razor you would like to try and can pick it up within your means then go for it. I don't recall a sign post or any golden moment that indicated to me that I should try a different razor. You could develop the perfect shave with that HD and it could all be different with the next...
  12. Sueto

    Stubby finest

    Hold on to that flying unicorn. Not likely to just pick up another one anytime soon. I still love mine.
  13. Sueto

    Double Edge Razor for a beginner

    I like the recommendation for the Merkur HD. For many it could be the first and last razor one would need to get. I also like the Muhle R106/107 as a first choice. Vintage razors aren't a bad idea either, but it's nice knowing that by picking up one of the modern makes of razors that you have a...
  14. Sueto

    Should I get the Pils

    The Pils is a nice razor. Can't say it is for everyone or that you should rush out and get one. I will share my experience with it however, since it is now the only razor I own. I have tried the Merkur Futur, HD, Progress, Open comb, Feather All-Stainless, various vintage razors including a...
  15. Sueto

    first fountain pen

    I too just ot my first fountain pen. A friend gave me a Lamy Al-star with a fine nib. I am enjoying it. Although I still love usingnmy koh-I-noor drafting pens.
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