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    What's in your pocket today?

    Have inked up my old blue Parker duofold, diamine imperial purple, medium nib. Nice for the week.
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    The Kaweco Thread

    Anyone here used / used the Brass sport roller ball (G2 refil)? Quiet keen on them but was 2ondering about posted weight 3tc.
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    New boar shave brush shampoo shower

    Nice, have you thought about using the old boar knot in a new handle.
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    Single Edge Sunday - What Will You Use?

    I've got the leaf already lined up, half a Treet carbon blade, proraso green, but brush has yet to be decided.
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    The most beautiful thing I have ever bought

    Its got to be the smaller one of these I exchanged with my wife on our wedding day. FYI yes the tip is missing. Lost it aged 19 messing about when an apprentice.
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    Power tools.

    I have a decent amount of power tools both battery and mains powered. Mainly bought when younger and fresh from leaving home. Looked after them and they have looked after me. Saying that I did train (apprentice) for 5 years as an engineer back when you worked with your hands.I remember seeing my...
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    Think I may have personal best.

    Took this shot today after enlarging a hole for the twig. Also could help but post a shot of the smallest den on the forum.
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    SOTD "FREE WEEK" September 13th - September 19th, 2021

    Red and silver today.
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    Watch Ya Wearing

    Gave the BFK an ultrasonic clean today. A little brighter.
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    SWMBO is gonna kill me

    "At least I'm not buying razors, right? " There's the come back to knock any argument out of the ring 💪 ka-pow.
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    Playlist for a 1970 High School Reunion?

    10cc, not in love
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    twig razor by leaf 🌿

    Got to say, several shaves now on this Astra SP and still silky smooth. Got so many blades its not really worth seeing how many shaves from one blade so have tossed it. So far so good. Side note. The packaging kinda reminds me of some of the older SE packaging.
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    Fake weather reports

    Not sure if they do his outside of the UK, but most TV weather reports start by telling you about what the weather has already been that day, before they tell you about the weather to come. I get home at say 1900hrs put on he local weather to be told its rained all day etc. I know I was there! 😤
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    twig razor by leaf 🌿

    BBS result
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    twig razor by leaf 🌿

    Mines landed today. Its up on deck for tonight's shave. Simpsons Duke 2, Astra SP and Proraso green. Can't wait.
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