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  1. StuMcB

    Kent infinity 3/4 specs

    Done, 48hrs postage, should be here by the weekend.
  2. StuMcB

    Tudor Pelagos???

    Always wanted a Tudor Pelagos. To me it marks you out as someone of taste, and not willing to follow the crowd. Great looker, and a super time piece.
  3. StuMcB

    Kent infinity 3/4 specs

    Finally got a reply from Kent "Hello, Sorry for the delay, Our new range replacing the badger brushes are the same size as the badger brushes. The Infinity 3/4 : 10cm high including handle and knot 3.5 at widest part of handle 2cm at base of knot Infinity Plus : 11cm high including handle and...
  4. StuMcB

    Desert Boots

    Had several pairs since 1980, if your lucky you can find some brands that still do the chisel toe instead of the rounded toe ( i prefer chisel).
  5. StuMcB

    Pink Floyd 'Arnold Layne' (alternative version) premiered

    Where ever he is now, bet sid approves, far out.
  6. StuMcB

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" February 15th - February 21st, 2021

    Lots of talk in the SE forum about this razor, so put a 3 shave Feather SE blade in and off to work on 5 days growth. BBS in 3 and touch ups on the jaw line. Arko stump.
  7. StuMcB


    Couldn't resist, Arko stump
  8. StuMcB

    Old Man Rant

    New TV arrived with a new stand. The bloody stand went together with no problems, and the damn TV set it self up. All I had to do was plug in in. DAMN YOU TV GODS!!! HOW DARE YOU MAKE LIFE EASY!!!😆🤣🥳🤪
  9. StuMcB

    Watch Ya Wearing

    That's an interesting choice for a Vostok, I like, never considered a sort of dress watch strap, but I do like it.
  10. StuMcB

    Kent has gone all Synthetic

    I do use an Omega S brush, thats supposed to be the boar equivalent. A decent brush for a few quid.
  11. StuMcB

    Mars Day!

    This has to be inline for an award or something. Millions of miles away and beautiful pic like this, superb.
  12. StuMcB

    No shower in three days

    Thank your lucky stars. Here in the UK a weak frost brings most of the country to a standstill. So keep up your spirits it will get sorted.
  13. StuMcB

    Old Man Rant

    Had a new satellite box fitted ( no names but the company name rhymes with pie in the UK) in the new house 3 weeks ago, and from the moment it sprang into life the TV (only 5 yrs old) picture was either to bright, to dark, to highlighted or just plain bad. The engineer checked the box and even...
  14. StuMcB

    Kent has gone all Synthetic

    Got a reply, "Thankyou for your message, I am afraid I don't have these particular brushes to hand but I can measure when I return to the office on Monday if that is ok? I hope you have a lovely weekend" Wow no specs to hand , measure one on Monday, now that's old fashioned.
  15. StuMcB


    Got mine a few years back good and cheap, cased with the bits, looked brand new to me. A really good close shave here too. I generally toss in a Treet carbon blade when I use it.
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