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    Brush (See Post #4012)

    You won't regret it.. I was expecting it to be similar to a pure badger....prickly was pleasantly surprised. Lots of backbone and soft tips that break-in even softer after a dozen or so uses.
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    PIF: VDH Badger Brush you're not. Read post #15 & #22
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    Duke 2 or TGN Finest 2 Band?

    I'd contact Rudy Vey about reknotting that Duke. He does excellent work and I know he works with TGN knots, but he might have additional suggestions.
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    PIF: VDH Badger Brush

    Thought I'd give an update on this. I ended up PIF'ing the brush to a friend at work that I got interested in wet shaving about two weeks after receiving it. He has been using it to face lather ever since and loves the brush. Here is the setup that I gave him as a starter kit.
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    Morris & Forndran Members Group Buy Delivery Thread

    My Chief made it to me last night. Thanks Ken for all the extra hand holding, follow ups and communication. It truly is a beautiful brush, but I won't get a chance to try it out until Fri or Sat :sad: with Pics to follow soon after.
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    Shave Brush Took a Dive

    Unless you were shaving in a nasty airport bathroom it should be fine. If you're really worried about it use a disinfecting wipe on the handle and do the new brush break in process on the bristles.
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    Suggestions for fall/winter creams

    +1 for CF cedarwood and CE Nomad.
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    What razor/ blade did you use today

    Merkur 37C + 7 O'clock black
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    Simpson Commodore X3
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    What's the WORST beer you've ever tried?

    Coors & Budweiser
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    A Rooney 1XL Heritage Review

    Looks like they are going fast. Says they only have 5 1XL's left and the 2XL is gone now.
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    Please advice for a small badger brush.

    The Simpson case is affordable and works great for face lathering. I find it a little small for everyday use, but for traveling it's perfect.
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    What razor/ blade did you use today

    Merkur 37C + Persona Med prep
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    What's your soap for today?

    Face lathered with some Ogallala Bay Rum & Sweet Orange in stick form using a Colonel X2L.
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    Face lathered with a Simpson Colonel X2L