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    Timeless .95 ss tour pass-around!!

    i think its just too mild for you and you will like the 0.95, it is still a very smooth razor at that blade gap but much more efficient. Look forward to reading your review of the 0.95
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    R41... not as aggressive as I expected.

    i still use 3 passes on the R41 but does result in lovely BBS, 3 passes with say a DE89 is a good shave but cannot get to the same level
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    Do Omegas Ever Get Soft? (Would like to hear comparisons from Zenith and Semogue Users)

    i have an omega pure bristle (non banded) 11137 that i am still waiting to break in.... 4 months later from what i have been told 'pure' bristles ie not treated to give the bands takes longer to break in, as the banding of the board bristles serves in softening them up a bit. Trying to...
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    Can't get Nacet blades to work for me...

    yeah same for me. I find them a bit on the rough side for my skin, but others i know love them. These have gotten better with technique but why settle when there are so many other great blades that work for my face
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    R41... not as aggressive as I expected.

    the R41 is an amazing shaver, reasonably smooth and super efficient.. i get my best shaves with this or the GC jaws after 2-3 days growth but can be used as a daily shaver if careful with pressure
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    The den is alive!

    yes go for it all, its only natural
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    The Wolf has Landed

    It’s worth a lot, thanks.. and Noted for my order
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    The Mühle R41 (Twist) is the BEST razor in the WORLD!

    ahmen!! The r41 is a fantastic razor
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    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Pre: Hot Shower Razor: 1966 Gillette Slim Blade: Feather Brush: Omega Boar Soap: Stirling Executive Man Post: Stirling Executive Man Splash Was very impressed with my first shave with a slim and spoiler yesterday so decided to keep most variables the same but wanted to try the slim with a...
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    What razor/ blade did you use today

    today i went vintage all round with a 1966 Slim and Spoilers.. my first vintage razor and it may not end up being my last
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    Mühle R41 questions

    i was exactly the same, all my info when new to DE shaving came from forums like this and youtube.. you can gain a lot of knowledge that way but nothing beats experience and you will find all aspects of your shaving will improve as your technique does so dont give up on or sell any equipment...
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    Mühle R41 questions

    all good, thats what this place is all about.. tune back in and give us your thoughts on the razor once you get it
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    Very new Newbie from Australia

    from what you have just said i would highly recommend you get a more aggressive razor. You did 4 passes and were not happy with results. If you end up going 'harder' you may increase efficiency a touch but you will also get razor burn, which isnt pleasant. 3 passes should be all you need...
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    Mühle R41 questions

    1. IMHO i would get just the head and match it with your 6C. I also have a 6C and the R41 head matched up perfectly with this handle. the original handle is way to light and my R41 is still sitting in its box after just one use.. The 6C handle gives it a little weight and better balance. The...
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    Very new Newbie from Australia

    welcome mate.. another aussie here... you have several options in Oz for ordering stuff have a look at these places when you get a chance, some stores have stock of brands that others dont so always worth checking them all out and there all aussie