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  1. StillShaving

    Premium Packaging

    I do think "inner" packaging is important for an item that may need long term storage or protection. A good example is a set of tools, e.g. sockets, wrenches, drill bits, etc. where the storage case for the items is almost as important as the tool itself. But I find premium packaging a turn off...
  2. StillShaving

    YouTubeTV get off my lawn!

    I watch more regular youtube than anything else on my TV. Especially since there is little live sports and news is so repetitive.
  3. StillShaving

    Best shaving gear travel bag

    You might consider searching for some generic zippered pouches on the various auction sites. I find that normal dopp kits are too large and I like to split mine in half or more depending on the items frequency of use. I like keeping all my shave gear (razor, blades, soap, brush, A/S) together...
  4. StillShaving

    What Green Coffee did you Buy or Roast Today?

    My Behmor 1600 reached roast #300 today. :thumbup: It has been operating for 10 years, I hope it keeps on going as I keep buying more green coffee. Roast #300 was the last remnants of 4 different African coffees, about 1 pound in total.
  5. StillShaving

    Review of equinox shavette after using it for months.

    Looks like a very convenient package. One purchase and a person could have years of good shaves.
  6. StillShaving

    Premium Packaging

    I think premium packaging is something that feeds into the owning experience for some people. Like when buying an expensive watch or the top of the line smartphone. I don't want fancy boxes but I did find it interesting that some of the same iPhone owners who found joy in opening the package...
  7. StillShaving

    Den gets an upgrade

    Is that an all-in-one unit, meaning shelf plus bar? Looks like something that would otherwise go in the kitchen for paper towel roll, but I like your idea.
  8. StillShaving


    I was not sure about the boldness of the small seconds subdial at first, but after looking more closely there are some things that I really liked about it: - How the second hand perfectly lines up with the small oval to provide an interesting visual and to help get a firm bearing on the seconds...
  9. StillShaving

    Exclusively unscented soaps?

    One reason I like DR Harris soaps is that they are mildly scented. So that the scent can be enjoyed while building a face lather, but fade towards unscented by the end of the shave.
  10. StillShaving

    Back on B&B after several years away. What's new?

    Welcome back, maybe you will enjoy this episode of the history guy, especially after your recent jack hammer rental. :a11:
  11. StillShaving

    Pro Tip: Don't ever rent a jackhammer. Hire someone else to break up concrete.

    Busting up 6.5" deep concrete...that is impressive. I imagine next time you will want to drill a few holes and fill them with explosives. :c1: Walking behind a rototiller can wear a person out, I can't imagine using a jack hammer.
  12. StillShaving

    landscape or portrait?

    What? ...your brushes where never shown in landscape position so I can't vote. :) I would be slightly uncomfortable with either layout. The razors facing outward makes for unnatural handling, picking up and placing back down will be more awkward. The razors resting on their short side will be...
  13. StillShaving

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Nice watch. Are the tritium tubes still glowing?
  14. StillShaving

    9/8 Wedge for $15!

    Makes me wonder if the quality of the razor was higher because it was meant for export? Or if it were the same or lesser quality than what E.L & Company would have produced for sale in its home country? I do not know the country of origin though I might expect it to be a more developed...
  15. StillShaving

    Feather Artist Club SS

    It is not necessary to take it apart. I do not disassemble my Feather AC or other shavettes after a shave, I just make sure there is no soap residue left, especially near the lip where the blade protrudes. I usually disassemble and give a light cleaning when changing AC blades (after 15+...