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    TWELFTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge - 2021 Edition

    This would be cheating for me because I grew a beard this winter. The first time in 10 years I haven't been clean shaved. I do trim shave my cheeks and neck areas daily though so just for fun I will play! Astra Superior Platinum with a Gillette Super Speed.
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    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Saint Charles Shave Sandalwood followed by a little dab of Stirling Ozark Mountain.
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    Razor blade variety.

    I got caught in the trap of trying numerous brands of blades in my first few months. Mistake. I kept thinking I was finding better blades but really it was only my technique which was better My best suggestion is pick a couple really good reputation blades and shave with them for several...
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    Why do people want more aggressive razors than the 40s to 60s Gillettes?

    Good thread topic! I think the OP has some good theories. Another thing perhaps is it seems we are always looking for the next extreme... faster, stronger, more efficient, most unique, etc. Maybe just human nature. Good point on the relative sharpness of blades. I am 60+ and started back...
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    Does anyone shave with glasses on?

    No, I shave w/o glasses. I am only 12" from the mirror so I can se fine.
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    How watery should lather be?

    t is personal preference. Some light a light, thin lather, some say the consistency of yogurt. My later varies depending on my mood and the particular soap I am using.
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    Semogue 1800. One of my first and still finest brush.
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    My razor and blade combo for today and the week is.. My "Tech Dog", Gillette Tech head and Weber Bulldog handle with a Voskhod blade.
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    What is that hyper-cool razor Cal???
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    What's your soap for today?

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    The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off

    Greetings! I've been on an overly extended sabbatical. I will be stopping by and catching up with you gentlemen.
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    Razor Set Giveaway - October 2018

    Cool! How do I enter?!
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    The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off

    Greetings All! I imagine you thought I was dead or was stuck in some sort of alternative universe with a can of Barbasol and a disposable razor! Not to worry... Life has just been... well, you know! I FB messaged Mostho the other day and that got me thinking of the folks here. Today's almost...
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    What is your current 'go-to' DE blade?

    I like that you qualified the question... "current" go to blade. Over the last 5 years my go to, always in stock and rotation blades have included Astra SP, Personna Super, and Gillette Silver Blue. Currently, my go to seems to be Polsilver SI.
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