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  1. Steeleonious

    Let's see your flower shots!

    Wildflowers in Zion.
  2. Steeleonious

    Let's see your flower shots!

    More desert flowers
  3. Steeleonious

    Any experience with Wet Shaving Products solid cologne?

    I couldn't help but add an update to this and say that I absolutely love the scent now. Though I liked it straight away I had some minor reservations, it has grown on me tremendously and now I put it on my wrists and basically huff it while I work. Thanks again for the advice.
  4. Steeleonious

    WSP Tobacco Vanilla

    I have not smelled the Tom Ford fragrance but it is referenced in the description from WSP. The website says... "While this scent shares the nom de guerre as Tom Ford's hit fragrance, other than the name, I took very little inspiration from Mr. Ford. The star of my fragrance is tobacco...
  5. Steeleonious

    WSP Tobacco Vanilla

    I'm sure that I can get her to warm up to it!
  6. Steeleonious

    WSP Tobacco Vanilla

    So I bought the solid cologne, helped along by your comments. I really like the scent right out of the tin. I feel like it has a wet pine forest smell. At least that is what I perceive from the spice and sweet combo. It's very sweet. I'm a fan but my girlfriend is not, sadly. I really like the...
  7. Steeleonious

    WSP T Tobacco soap

    I realize this thread is very old now. So if anyone has any experience to add since the original posts I would like to hear them. I have both the Rustic and Formula T both in Tobacco. Additionally, I have a very old sample tin of the Tobacco. It is from a few years ago. In terms of...
  8. Steeleonious

    Let's see your flower shots!

    I bet you'll get a pic of that if you catch him right. My problem is the bird is in focus but where the feeder sits means he is always a silhouette. I can't get any light on him as I'm never home at the right time of day. One day!
  9. Steeleonious

    Let's see your flower shots!

    That's quite an amazing shot. I hope you post some more of your images as you play with your new set up.
  10. Steeleonious

    Let's see your flower shots!

    Didn't expect to find this thread on B&B... so many great shots. Here are some from the desert in the four corners area.
  11. Steeleonious

    What did you learn from your last shave?

    That's interesting. Probably not imagining it. I must say I don't even try against the grain. It bugs my face no matter what I do.
  12. Steeleonious

    Old Fogies Club: What was your workout today?

    I'm not sure if I qualify here, but my back hurts, a lot of my bones seem to creek and cold showers are a primary part of my workout. Climbing today.
  13. Steeleonious

    Welcome, @SlickChops

    Howdy SlickChops! Welcome.
  14. Steeleonious

    Lather just kind of....goes away

    +1 to all the comments about improving the ratio of product to water. Using more water can make a great foam but can become, paradoxically, dryer. Additionally, I think the place you live might also impact how quickly it dries out. I now live on the coast but used to live in the High Sierra's...
  15. Steeleonious

    Hello from Northern California

    And what a rabbit hole it is! Welcome!