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Recent content by ssgspringer

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    What Aftershave did you use today?

    A Bay rum of my creation. Its a fun hobby.
  2. S

    greetings all

    it was indeed
  3. S

    greetings all

    oh I've been stalking these boards for almost a decade when I discovered proper wet shaving.
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    Captain's Choice Aftershave USPS SNAFU PIF

    my shipping story. in 2009 I was leaving Iraq and shipped a box of my stuff home to me. books, cd,s bootleg movies that might give me issues at customs. about a month later I recievedy box back home in Hawaii. it was all pretty smooth except there where 2 items in it I had never seem before. a...
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    greetings all

    hey all long time stalker first time poster. a fellow okie recommended I say hi here. names aaron pleasure to meet you
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