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    What hones to get?

    That's the exact setup I have, with C12K as a finisher. Produces wickedly sharp edges.
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    Filarmonica Doble Temple

    This is a real Fili. The reason it is not marked like some other Filis is that it was intended strictly for professional use. Old-school barbers don't like flashy instruments and thus... I have an exact shaver like the one you pictured. It is simply marvelous if you like heavy razors. Enjoy!
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    Have I buggered my LeGrelot 1/4 Grind ?

    Easily! If you don't know anyone in your neighborhood who hones his razors, send it to a reputable honemeister and he will gladly re-hone it for you.
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    Second Attempt Simple Honing NEEDS for New Guys

    A nice thread, which immediately invokes the following line: Confidence of amateurs is envy of professionals!
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    Is this possible

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    Anyone Ambi/Uni?

    That sounds right. In fact, there is no universal prescription: Whatever gets you to the BBS!
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    Favorite methods to make an edge smooth?

    A quick clarification: CrO on a strop or on balsa wood? Thanks!
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    Favorite methods to make an edge smooth?

    Decided to start a new thread for all resident experts to share their thoughts and opinions on making the edge feel really smooth. I manage to produce wickedly sharp edges, but they are not as smooth as I want them to be. I am sure I am missing a lot of intermediate steps between finishing an...
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    Passed from scary sharp to dangerously sharp

    Question to all the pros out there: How would you make an edge "smooth" if it is already wickedly sharp?
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    Wapienica, Wapi Straight Razor

    I personally have a soft spot for Wapis: It is a great shaver!
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    Strop in a pinch

    +1 on newspapers. In fact, a phone book does wonders. So does an IKEA catalog. 100 strokes and it will be good to go! Check out the thread: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=138927
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    How I hone

    Holli, many thanks again! I had a hunch that my usual 40 strokes honing protocol on C12K was not cutting it, so to say! [I guess pun was intended.] I am trying to get the buttery-like smooth feeling on the edges. As Lynn describes it, "It is just really nice and smooth." My edges, as I would...
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    How I hone

    Holli, a great write-up! Now, a couple of questions, if I may: - Do you tape the spine? - What stroke do you use when you set a bevel: X, circular, or regular? - How and when do you get feedback for the sharpness? - 100 strokes for C12K: The bare minimum or the maximum? - Do you get that...
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    Chinese 12K vs. Naniwa Super Stone 12K

    Saving money?? Well, now you have to save money... to buy more razors, better stones, newer/better strops, etc.
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    Chinese 12K vs. Naniwa Super Stone 12K

    Holli and Seraphim: Where would you buy the Naniwa 12K?