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  1. sparkchaser

    Glasses by Warby Parker - if you wear prescriptions, READ THIS.

    I wish I would have seen this before I dropped $400 on a new pair of glasses.
  2. sparkchaser

    Glasses by Warby Parker - if you wear prescriptions, READ THIS.

    How do they have you measure Pupillary Distance?
  3. sparkchaser

    New book exposes Abraham Lincoln's secret fight...

    ...against VAMPIRES! Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter One word: awesome. The book images are just perfect. I already ordered my copy.
  4. sparkchaser

    Sprint Smartphone

    Won't work on Sprint. A future model might, but not this one. Sprint has great coverage but a lousy selection of phones.
  5. sparkchaser

    [Gin] Looking for some gin that isn't too dry.

    New Amsterdam is a very nice gin at that price point.
  6. sparkchaser


    I love Dr. Bronners. I almost exclusively use their tea tree oil soap.
  7. sparkchaser

    Anyone Use Soapnuts?

    Wasn't impressed. The clothes didn't smell "clean". I guess what it boils down to is that in order for me to feel like my clothes have been washed, I want a faint fragrance.
  8. sparkchaser

    Twitter Posts

  9. sparkchaser

    computer hard drive question

    There are several free utilities out there that will do a secure erase for you. Anything that does more than three passes is overkill.
  10. sparkchaser

    What are you listening to?

    Michel Thomas Speak German for Beginners.
  11. sparkchaser

    Dishwashing for gentlemen

    A gentleman would leave that work for the servant. I, not being a gentleman, must wash the dishes myself.
  12. sparkchaser

    What Are You Reading?

    A good book to chuck into the fire to keep warm was just released by Dan Brown.
  13. sparkchaser

    Corporate Wisdom

    We must work at the same place.
  14. sparkchaser

    Parking space thieves

    Having recently completed shoveling the parking spots, I am sure a glove would not be too far away. ;)
  15. sparkchaser

    Parking space thieves

    Well done! Although I still prefer the duel.
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