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Recent content by spaidw

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    The 1501st PIF post

    I'm in. Scotland forever! Thanks for the opportunity :).
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    2 PIFS for active duty military personnel. Open until December 7th.

    Well, first and foremost, thanks for your support! And please count me in. I'm a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force.
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    Tea Tree PIF

    Count me in, please.
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    Mystic Water PIF

    Count me in, please. Never tried any MW product. Thanks!
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    100th post & Happy Holidays PIF

    I'm in. Anything by Mumford and Sons, but specifically Babel because I haven't heard the whole of their new album yet.
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    Mendel's Thanksgiving Day PIF

    I'm thankful for my great job in these tough times. And my wonderful benefits that help me take care of my family. Even with such a good job, we still find it difficult to make ends meet, but we manage. I'm thankful for the consistency of being employed! Count me in, please. Thanks for the...
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    Fatty Green Shark PIF

    Pedantic - trying to impress an audience with one's vocabulary.
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    Sweet Sixteen - DE blade PIF

    Count me in, good sir!
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    Stropshoppe PIF

    I would love to be considered! Thanks!
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    500th post ~Ideas~ PIF

    My brother in law has a Celtic cross on his forearm. There is a banner wrapped around the cross with his son's name and birthdate on it. Really elegant in my opinion and something that I'm looking at doing someday too.
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    Can't I just dip my toe into straight-shaving just to *try* it? PIF #4

    I want to be a secret agent when I grow up! Count me in, please.
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    PIF for a Super Speed and Some Blades

    Give me the speed! Please :).
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    Win a Free Vie-Long 13070 Premium Horsehair Brush With Olivewood Handle!

    I would like to join the contest! Thanks for the opportunity.
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    Colorado Wannabe

    Thanks for the heads up! Can't wait to get started.