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Recent content by SpaceCadet1

  1. SpaceCadet1

    The Graveyard!

    Bottle of clubman (6oz). Already had another in waiting.
  2. SpaceCadet1

    Every Friday is Clubman Friday

    Special Reserve! Trying to use this before it gets hot. I think of it as a cold weather AS. Regards, Josh
  3. SpaceCadet1

    Newbie Here- Feeling defeated and frustrated

    blade 30 degrees to face (acute angle) don't press to hard maybe try cold water use less passes, 1.5 or 2 if you can. YMMV good luck!
  4. SpaceCadet1

    Pinaud Clubman Bay Rum

    It's inexpensive and smells like Bay Rum, and my wife loves it. I bought the large bottle blind with no regrets, and I use it quite often. I'll definitely replace it once it's gone! I'm sure there's better out there, but I'm cheap. :lol:
  5. SpaceCadet1

    What do u think of Williams?

    I like it, especially for the price.
  6. SpaceCadet1

    Tried Clubman for the first time this weekend

    It's got strong reach. After a shave, my sister in law picked it up from about 10 feet away. She asked what smelled powdery. :lol:
  7. SpaceCadet1

    Shaving mirror, a must-have?

    I don't have enough practice. Always miss spots when I don't have a mirror.
  8. SpaceCadet1

    My 9 yr. old daughter

    You're brave. Nice job, kiddo!
  9. SpaceCadet1

    Tabac- top tier?

    +1. It's pretty much all I use now.
  10. SpaceCadet1

    Q. for the guys that like Personna Crystals but not the Reds .

    I have a 10 pack of crystals, but haven't tried them yet. I use lab blues a LOT though (in vintage Gillettes), and I get a lot of shaves from them. I can crack open that 10 pack for science if it will be helpful. I didn't care much for the Personna Israeli reds. Not sure why, but they gave me...
  11. SpaceCadet1

    Skin Bracer. One full bottle GONE

    4.87 well spent. I need to find the 7oz bottle. The grocery store by me only has the 5oz. Love the scent.
  12. SpaceCadet1

    One Aftershave or More than One Aftershave?

    I always use splashes. In the winter, I do follow up /w some Shea butter to moisturize (it gets very dry and cold in IA). I love my scented splashes and didn't want to give them up in the winter!
  13. SpaceCadet1

    Trying Tabac shaving soap for the first time

    When I got my first puck, I was pretty neutral on the scent, but it has grown on me a lot. Enjoy!
  14. SpaceCadet1

    Aqua Velva Musk

    Makes sense. SR is another personal favorite. Will have to check out Clubman Musk (I honestly just need to buy the whole line :lol:)
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