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Recent content by Songwind

  1. Songwind

    Making shave soap

    Hey, that's me!
  2. Songwind

    Formulating shaving soap

    I'm experimenting with these questions right now. There are no oils or butters that have enough stearic acid to get the % of stearic acid above 50, I think. I have been told (without real justification) that you "need" a stearic % of 60 for a good shave soap. The last soap I made is focused on...
  3. Songwind

    Razorock clones?

    I agree. I have the Caprician Lemon and R-160 from the Artisan line, and both are amazing shavers.
  4. Songwind

    Homemade Shaving Soap - An Illustrated Guide to a Test Batch - LONG POST

    I went with the second, which is basically the same with extra glycerin. Right, if you look at the labels on most croaps you'll see KOH listed before NaOH, or the Potassium salts listed before the Sodium salts, if that's how they have it. Most of the soap-making world (at least, forums and...
  5. Songwind

    Homemade Shaving Soap - An Illustrated Guide to a Test Batch - LONG POST

    This weekend I made my first shaving soap, using your recipe. I did a small batch (8 oz). I added 1/4 oz of essential oils: 2/3 lemon & bergamot, 1/3 rosemary. The soap making went fine, with no surprises aside from the soap never becoming truly translucent like my olive oil soap did. It...
  6. Songwind

    The Three Prorasos

    Do you have a Bath & Body Works near you? They seem almost epidemic in the malls here. They sell C.O. Bigelow, which is the same cream rebranded.
  7. Songwind

    The Three Prorasos

    I have the white and the red, and I love them both. They perform amazingly well.
  8. Songwind

    British shaving cream overrated?

    Okay, this is really a two part question. 1) Do I find the 3Ts to be overrated? Yes, I do. I have only used GFT and TOBS, but neither was a stand out. They aren't bad products by any stretch, but I get equally good or even better shaves from cheaper products like Palmolive, Proraso, or Speick...
  9. Songwind

    Lather with Razorock Third Eye?

    I don't have Third Eye specifically, but I do have Caprician Lemon, which should be the same soap w/ different scent. My experience has been completely different. The lather I get is nice and thick, and very lubricating. I use the "Marco method" with a wet brush, and load until decent lather...
  10. Songwind

    Homemade Shaving Soap - An Illustrated Guide to a Test Batch - LONG POST

    JBLA sent me (completely free and at his instigation) a sample of his "woody lavender" and unscented soaps. The current formulation works really nicely. I easily got a thick, slick lather with 15-20 seconds of loading. The shave was great. My skin felt fine afterwards, but not actively great...
  11. Songwind

    Musgo Real, new scents.

    I have the spiced citrus, and I love both the performance and the scent. I don't find it particularly strong, either. I don't think it smells like Bay Rum. There's no notes of West Indian Bay at all that I can detect.
  12. Songwind

    Soap lathering confusion

    Basically, both methods work. You should try both and see which one makes you happier. Personally, I find it easier to hit a good lather by starting with a wet brush and loading until the lather it's generating seems almost ready. I don't always start with a 100% wet brush (I usually give my...
  13. Songwind

    Make March = Croap Month

    RazoRock Caprician Lemon came through with its usual thick slick lather.
  14. Songwind

    Homemade Shaving Soap - An Illustrated Guide to a Test Batch - LONG POST

    It came out pretty well. It feels very good on the hands. The molds didn't work, though - I had to cut the bottom off. Thanks. It was actually quite fun. I plan to make a shaving soap in the near future, possibly tonight.
  15. Songwind

    Wet Cream?

    If necessary, just leave the top off for a little while until the water evaporates. No problems.
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