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  1. SocalRick

    Which Razor you have ordered and still not received

    I ordered a Karve and after not receiving it for six weeks, including two promises of "it will go out this week" from Chris, the owner, I asked for a refund, which a promptly received.
  2. SocalRick

    Just received my shaving products from England

    Both have stores in Vancouver: https://www.loccitane.com/en-ca/ And https://www.kiehls.ca/en/stores
  3. SocalRick

    new synthetic brush from PAA

    I have the Star Craft and Solar Flare. Both great brushes.
  4. SocalRick

    Big Shave Southwest Review:

    The EJ 3ONE6 will be selling for $116 or somewhere in that neighborhood, which is about in the middle of the price range for stainless steel razors. The event was a lot of fun and was my 4th Big Shave event.
  5. SocalRick

    The Starcraft Roswell Hybrid Synthetic Brush?

    I have it and it's a great face latherer. Soft tips, plenty of backbone, great looking, too.
  6. SocalRick

    First Cold Water Wet Shave

    I've been a cold water shaver for years. It really helped me with irritation while I brought my technique up. Now, I just love the feeling!
  7. SocalRick

    Where can I get Feather as-d2?

    I got mine on Massdrop for a great price.
  8. SocalRick

    Online shopping

    I have bought blades on Amazon with no issues.
  9. SocalRick

    Lots Angeles

    I'm in Los Angeles and yes, there are meetups here. They have been less often and farther away since Old Town Shaving closed in Pasadena. The owner used to host them from time to time. The ones I know about are organized through a Facebook group called SoCal Wetshavers Collective. There is...
  10. SocalRick

    RIP Honeybee Sue

    So sad to hear. I have one of her soaps that someone PIF'd me, but to be honest, I've never tried it. I just may have to now.
  11. SocalRick

    Curious about what setup you first used in wet shaving...

    My first set-up was: Merkur 34C Rooney 3/2 Super Proraso Green Cream (in the tube) None are still in my rotation. I still have the brush and razor, but haven't used either in years. I still use Proraso cream, but not the green. I learned that I hate the smell of eucalyptus.
  12. SocalRick

    Advice on Yaki Barberpole Wanted

    I have the barber pole with the 2 band badger knot. I like it a lot. It's a great value, has soft tips (not scritchy at all) and good backbone for a badger.
  13. SocalRick

    Crazy ATT Above the Tie Black Friday 50% Off

    I picked up a Returned M1 plate for $21, thanks to this great sale.
  14. SocalRick

    Body Soap of the Day

    Stirling Rose
  15. SocalRick

    #078 Nivea Shaving Pack

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