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  1. SO23

    PIF Closed-BBQ cookbook PIF Closed

    Great pif , I'm in !
  2. SO23

    Rudy Vey Custom Shaving Brushes and Restorations

    Had Rudy fix a brush of my dad's that fell apart. Excellent job on the repair and super fast turn around , and of course great communication
  3. SO23

    Razorock Baby Blue - WOW!

    Used this last night and it's great , bought a couple more when they had it for sale on deal of the day
  4. SO23

    The Graveyard!

    Finished off razorock P 160 soap , love this stuff
  5. SO23

    It's Finally Happening!

    That is awesome ! Hope you have a great experience
  6. SO23

    Interesting read I thougth I would share.

    Wow , very good read !
  7. SO23

    ***CLOSED*** Popov Leather Giveaway!

    I'm in , already have one of there wallets for daily use and it's great
  8. SO23

    Cigar Of The Day (COTD)

    No picture , but had a Cohiba yesterday.
  9. SO23

    How often do you remove and clean your blade on a three piece?

    Same , i take apart scrub with old tooth brush then dip in alcohol. ...put back in rotation
  10. SO23

    A Forever Acquisition

    Congrats !
  11. SO23

    good morning

    Good morning , sounds very relaxing.
  12. SO23

    How many people in the BL still shave regularly?

    Every other day for me , DE shave head and face. Need to find more time for the pipe.
  13. SO23

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everyone aswell, and a great new year
  14. SO23

    Cleaning Oxidized Stems- Basics for Brown Leaf Seedlings (BBLS)

    Excellent tutorial , i don't have any that need this but good to know for future. So to help prevent this or at least slow down the oxidation the wax should be used even on new pipes ?
  15. SO23

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas , this is a great place and great people . Hope everyone has a awesome New Year also.
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