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    A question for those who like Astra blades

    +1 on the Crystals
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    Dog tag found after 70+ years

    My sister was contacted a few weeks ago by a very distant relative (somebody we didn't know) who had been contacted by a man in Australia. The Aussie had found a dog tag in the sand on a beach on an island in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. The name on it was my dad's uncle, and it was from (I'm...
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    Vermont Country Store

    I've transitioned toward softer soaps and creams in the last few months, but I got 3 pucks of Vermont Country Store Lime Musk soap for Christmas. I hadn't planned to use it, then I thought "Why not?" so I used some today. Not bad. It smells good—kinda limey, not at all musky, mostly...
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    How international were you today?

    ALL AMERICAN SHAVE USA: Vintage Gillette razor USA: Personna Med Prep USA: Vermont Country Store Lime Musk soap USA: Badger brush with handmade wooden handle (Oregon) USA: Derby City small-batch shave tonic Winter Reserve
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    Boiling water when shaving?

    I put boiling water in my scuttle. It's still very hot when I get out of the shower, and at the end of the shave, it's still hot, but not so much that it burns, so I use it to rinse with (followed by a cool water rinse from the faucet).
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    Best place to buy sampler packs

    It's the only site you'll need for samplers.
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    what's this?

    Yes, and it was through falling in love with a blade called Müster that I discovered Crystals. It took a while to figure out that a Müster was the same as a Crystal, but once I figured it out, the last thing I bought before embarking on a year-long sabbatical from buying anything was 100 Crystals.
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    Coat Hanger Razor Stand

    I like it, and I think it's an excellent idea for brushes. I have a couple of combo razor/brush stands, but the brush holder isn't large enough for every brush, so a homemade one from a wire hanger (with apologies to Joan Crawford) is an excellent idea!
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    Bolzano Superinox

    Next time you take a notion to pay somebody to take your stuff, please contact me. I had based my retirement on winning the Powerball and that appears to have fallen through, so I'll be needing both the income and the concomitant stuff.
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    Voskhod $5.50/100 from Moscow (Ebay)

    Get yourself some Rubies while you're at it. Love those blades.
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    Voskhod $5.50/100 from Moscow (Ebay)

    [I didn't realize this was an old thread]
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    Personna Super Stainless Blades

    I've never heard of any made in England. Do they have the blue dot wrapper? They sound like Crystals to me, and I love them.
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    Personna Israeli Platinum Chrome vs Personna Super Platinum

    Just used a Crystal (super platinum) for a 4th 3-pass shave today. Couldn't have been smoother or closer. I love these blades.
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