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    Morphing Into A Face Latherer

    I have been a face lather for 50+ yrs....don't see any change in the future:001_cool:
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    Transparent shaving soap/cream /gel?

    - Feather "Nanka" shaving gel - village Barber shave oil IMO both are excellent products.
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    Did our fathers have more than one razor?

    My Dad had 3 razors. A red tip, a spare red tip in case .... happened and a third red tip because you never know. He was using the second red tip when he passed 31 yrs ago.....I have the last red tip and use it once a year in memory.
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    Futur / SI
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    What Was Your Cream Today?

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    What's Your Brush Today?

    SR 3322 Silvertip
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    Top tier blades

    Using the Futur, which is blade neutral, as a reference Feather Polsilver/ SI Yellow Sharpedge - as sharp as the SI, but not quite as smooth GSB - a very nice blade in all my razors.
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    Looking for High Quality, Mild, and efficient

    The Shave Craft 102 fits all of your points and is not that costly - a new production run is supposedly about to be available.
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    S c 102 / si
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    Lea Shaving Cream

    LEA Classic SC - mentholated, excellent for sensitive skin + lanolin and a wonderful scent.
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