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  1. SmoovD

    Peter Green, may he rest in peace

    One of my favorites as well. From Mayall and FM through his solo work and Splinter Group, have them all. The later years only provided glimpses to his genius that permeated his earlier work but still worth a listen. His "In the Skies" album is still in regular rotation. Such a talent.
  2. SmoovD

    Regis Philbin passed away

    Peter Green, too. 2020 gonna 2020.
  3. SmoovD

    Dallas Pen Show 2019

    Depends on who you ask....:oops:
  4. SmoovD

    Dallas Pen Show 2019

    Wish I could attend Scott but I can't make it this year. Hope a few B&Bers show for breakfast and the show.
  5. SmoovD

    WINNER ???.... YES !

    Saloon pack....for those who like to shave dangerously.
  6. SmoovD

    Old hotels

    The wife and I love older hotels. There is a quaintness and charm to the older properties that make them more enjoyable stays than those at the cookie-cutter national chains. We have spent many weekends at the Jefferson Hotel in NE TX. Also some time at the Francis Marion in Charleston SC and at...
  7. SmoovD

    2019-2020 Premier League/Champions League season

    The American owners of Swansea continue to gut the team. Hoping that we are able to remain in the Championship after this season but it is not looking good.
  8. SmoovD

    Eye Dropper Fountain Pens

    ^^^^^ +1.
  9. SmoovD

    Derby Extra or Derby Premium - which are better blades?

    I have never been a fan of Derby Extras, YMMV. Granted it has been a decade or so since I have used one. I have heard that they had some changes a few years ago but I have not used the newer blades. Last month I took a flyer on a 100-pack sleeve of the Premiums and I have to admit that they are...
  10. SmoovD


    Highly recommended. The emotional impact delivered sticks around for awhile.
  11. SmoovD

    Next Blade Suggestions

    When in doubt...Feather.
  12. SmoovD


    In no particular order: Thin Red Line The Burmese Harp Full Metal Jacket Downfall The Pianist All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) Paths of Glory Army of Shadows Ran Battleship Potemkin
  13. SmoovD

    What TV series you watching?

    Just finished season 2 of "Black Spot" on Netflix. It has a touch of David Lynch in its portrayal of a remote French area. Next up is Babylon Berlin, followed by the second season of "Dark". It is going to take some time but so far BB is enjoyable. Given the period of time in which BB is set, it...
  14. SmoovD

    Vintage Williams mug soap

    Nice score. Vintage Williams pucks are great. I have a few and I am miserly in my use of them as want them to last and last.
  15. SmoovD

    Persona Medprep

    Right on. Med Preps are a great blade as are their Labs.
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