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    Rapid-fire: what aftershave should I impulse buy before my yearlong restraint?

    SCS doesn't stick around too long, but I always apply fragrance 5-10 minutes after, so I just may not smell it. But definitely one of my top performers for soothing and face feel.
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    Looking For Rose Fragrance, Something Like Mike's Rose Shaving Soap

    Check out Juliette Has a Gun. I got like 15 sample vials of scents, most are rose based, for cheap or free, can't remember. But check their site
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    Favorite Fall/Winter frags on a budget?

    Lolita Limpick Au Masculan Rochas Man 2 great scents
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    Favorite Powerhouse Scent

    Hermes Bel Ami Vetiver (makes me feel powerful.) Ecre Noir Egotist Chergui
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    Rapid-fire: what aftershave should I impulse buy before my yearlong restraint?

    Saint Charles Shave Bulgarian Lavender or Sandalwood. Both smell amazing and leave my face feeling great.
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    Recommend me some creams

    Spieck, Palmolive green tube, Barbon, EJ pomegranate lime, Musgo, Erasmic
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    barbon shave cream from Hungary

    Barbon is excellent cream. I also like their aftershave. Can't go wrong with both.
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    Favorite inexpensive fragrances (under $35)

    I enjoy Quorum as well. But absolutely it's been reformulated, probably several times, it's a 40 year old cologne. Oak moss has been replaced, other ingredients have been sacrificed, it still smells pretty good but different to its original formulation. IFRA has handcuffed and made most classic...
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    Black Dress Shoes

    Brogueing is the holes punched in the leather, not the style of the shoe. A more formal Oxford, with closed lacing, can have brogueing. And a less formal blutcher can be plain, without brogueing. It's more about the lacing, open vs closed, that makes the formality of the shoe. I think if you...
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    I love it. I'm 43. I get a classic masculine vibe from it. It's great for spring and summer. I have smelled a lot of old people and they never smell this good. To me that old lady smell is of B/O, and or urine, Ben Gay, and moth balls.
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    What's your best budget shave cream?

    Barbon tube and matching aftershave. Great products. If I remember correctly, a tube + bottle of a/s around $10
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    Cologne to compiment Proraso geeen and white aftershave

    Same as above. Proraso is gone in 30 minutes or less, but oh so nice while it lasts. My favorite A/S. You can wear any frag you want and they won't compete or conflict. But to answer your question, try Bleu d' Issey or Lanvin Homme Sport. Both have that fresh menthol, camphor opening.
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    Recommendation for nice Spring/Summer pants

    Bonobos summer weight chinos are very good quality. Slim fit is excellent for me nice taper not too tight. No pocket flare. They have a nice selection of colors, they run $88 but sales happen occasionally
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    Try Kanon Norwegian Wood for something inexpensive (cheap). Longevity isn't great but you can spray liberaly at this price. Givenchy Pi is a good one. Also Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme. No vanilla in the notes, but lots of tonka, which comes off as a creamy vanilla.
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    Alternative to green Irish tweed

    I've not triedGIT, but I have heard Boss Bottled Night is similar.
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