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    Doctor Who 50th. November 23 ... warning ... spoilers (duh)

    ahh been away from the computer for a wile only been back on for a couple of weeks. looks like gota lot of catching up to do . :) .
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    Doctor Who 50th. November 23 ... warning ... spoilers (duh)

    yep cant wait however how did you here this as I have not herd time yet am in the UK not on bbc news anyway . or have I just come from under my rock.
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    Ebay is Becoming a Joke ?

    I my self gave up in ebay ages ago getting fleeced and lying ungrateful ppl . the evilbay strikes again . cant beat face to face deals
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    the gopro

    hi Gents/Lady's I have just newly acquired a gopro silver . its a great camera and just starting to use it .. I am wondering what you guy have got in the way of action cams . and what you think of them also what is there main use. thank for reading dave
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    Show us your first post

    heres mine hi all b&b just started in the world of wet shave de. the first shave was the best i have ever felt.. wilkingson sword classic bodyshop brush taylor of old bond street jermyn street...
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    after a break from here

    hi all hope you guys are all well and good @). i had to have a break from things to do a bit of soul searching,however i'm still using the good old de razor . its been a year today using a de razor and now i now the going back to those new razors will never happen now . loving the new look...
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    Playstation 4

    i think you hit the nail on the head really :) now a days i just yous my ps3 for a blu ray player thats it .
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    D.I.Y corner show me your creations

    hear is my will finish it off when funds allow as its going to be a bit tight :(
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    The Iceman Cometh PIF - for the menthol addicted

    Sagarmāthā breeze ( as is really could up there ) (mt Everest) i like it cold so it has to be with that menthol kick TIBETAN CEDARWOOD citrus with a bit of tea tree for the healing
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    Alum block?

    i have been lucky so far in the bloc not smashing as have dropped it twice now :( but im sure one day my luck will end .
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    merkur 37c Slant bar

    Agreed should never fear this razor . That's cleared a lot up then just hope rad don't strike and get the sledghammer as well :)
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    merkur 37c Slant bar

    Ahh that's a toughy . I can say Is the is a great razor the 37c . A nice bbs with much easy 3 passes :)
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    merkur 37c Slant bar

    just had a shave with the 37c slant what i great shave this is to to aggressive not to mild. what is used was face scrub savlon as pre shave tobs eton collage alum bloc witch hazel with eo added proraso after shave balm merkur blade well here it goes the shave cam out fantastic bbs even...
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    Lilac Vegetal - The Dogs Threw Me Out

    agreed it keeps the brother hood closer plus 1 ones trash is 1 one mans gold :)
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    British Black Teas

    pm sent about teas